Where can I buy IHI turbochargers for my car?

Where can I buy IHI turbochargers for my car?

TurboTurbos carries a variety of IHI turbochargers and parts to fit your car or truck, no matter the make or model. Our catalog contains new OEM, refurbished, and used turbochargers to fit any project and budget. We strive to be your one-shop-stop when it comes your turbocharger replacement needs!

Is the 2.0 liter turbo I4 LTG related to the LHU?

The LTG is not related to the outgoing 2.0 liter turbo Ecotec LHU, with even the blocks being different. Compared to the LHU, the LTG reduces overall engine friction by 16 percent. Engine Block: the Ecotec 2.0L turbo’s sand-cast cylinder block is a superior refinement of previous Ecotec engine block castings.

Who is the US subsidiary of IHI Corporation?

IHI America is the US subsidiary of IHI Corporation serving both North and South America with exceptional turbocharger and supercharger products. We are a Tier 1 supplier to most manufacturers of diesel, gasoline, fuel cell, and natural gas vehicles.

Which is GM 2.0 liter turbo I4 LTG engine?

Known by its LTG production code, GM’s new 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder Ecotec is based on a new generation of large-displacement four-cylinder engines designed for greater efficiency. It made its debut in the 2013 model year Cadillac ATS and Chevrolet Malibu.

What do you need to rebuild a turbocharger?

A standard rebuild is a rebuild in which there are no internal hard parts (compressor wheel, turbine shaft/wheel, bearing housing) that need repair or replacement. A standard rebuild includes a complete balance, complete rebuild kit with new thrust parts (where applicable), and thorough part cleaning.

What happens to my Turbo when I get it back?

Your turbo will look like new when you receive it back from us. The first step in the rebuild process is a full inspection. If any of the hard parts are found to be damaged at this point, we would contact you and give you a full quote for repairing or replacing the parts.

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