Where in China is Hunan Province?

Where in China is Hunan Province?

South Central China
Hunan is located in South Central China and its capital is Changsha. Hunan has a land area of 211,800 square kilometers, accounting for 2.2% of China’s land area, ranking 10th among all the provinces and cities. Hunan was one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization.

Is Hunan a province in China?


Hunan Province 湖南省
Country China
Named for 湖, hú – lake 南, nán – south “South of the lake”
Capital (and largest city) Changsha
Divisions 14 prefectures, 122 counties, 1,933 townships (2018), 29,224 villages (2018)

What is the capital of Hunan Province in China?


The capital and most important city of the province is Changsha, situated in the northeast, on the banks of the Xiang River. Area 81,300 square miles (210,500 square km).

How far is Hunan from Beijing?

1384 km
The distance between Beijing and Hunan Province is 1384 km. The road distance is 1660.5 km. How do I travel from Beijing to Hunan Province without a car? The best way to get from Beijing to Hunan Province without a car is to train which takes 7h 10m and costs ¥650 – ¥850.

What language is spoken in Hunan China?

Xiang language
Xiang language, Wade-Giles romanization Hsiang language, Chinese language that is spoken in Hunan province. The two major varieties of Xiang are New Xiang and Old Xiang.

How far is Hunan from Shanghai?

981 km
The distance between Hunan Province and Shanghai is 981 km. The road distance is 1240 km.

Is Hunan chicken healthy?

According to Calorie Lab, the traditional Chinese dish known as Hunan chicken is sautéed chicken with green peppers and onions in a black bean sauce. While sautéed chicken tends to be healthier than fried chicken, Hunan chicken is still high in sodium and cholesterol, making it a dish best enjoyed only occasionally.

Where is the location of Hunan in China?

It is adjacent Guangdong to its south, Guangxi to its southwest, Guizhou to its west, Chongqing to its northwest, Hubei to its north and Jiangxi to its east. The following Hunan China Map will show you the brief location of Hunan in China.

Which is the largest river in Hunan Province?

Xiang River is the chief river of the Lake Dongting drainage system and the largest river in Hunan. It has several tributaries, such as Xiao River, Chongling River, Zheng River, Lei River, Mi River, Lushui River, Juan River, Lianshui River, Wei River, Liuyang River and Laodao River.

When did Hunan become part of the Han dynasty?

The province entered written Chinese history around 350 BC, when under the kings of the Zhou dynasty, the province became part of the State of Chu. After Qin conquered the Chu heartland in 278 BC, the region came under the control of Qin, and then the Changsha Kingdom during the Han dynasty.

What are the names of the mountains in Hunan?

Major mountains of Hunan are Wuling Mountains, Xuefeng Mountains, Nanling Mountains, Luoxiao Mountains and Heng Mountains. The highest natural elevation in Hunan is 2,122.35-metre (6,963.1 ft) at Ling Peak (酃峰; Líng Fēng).

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