Where is Dundee United Stadium?

Where is Dundee United Stadium?

Tannadice Park
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Tannadice Park (Scottish Gaelic: Pàirc Thanachais), usually referred to as Tannadice, is a football stadium in Dundee, Scotland. It is the home ground of Dundee United F.C., who have played at Tannadice since the club was founded as Dundee Hibernian in 1909.

How far apart are Dundee and Dundee United grounds?

Unless you’re a fan of Scottish football, you most likely are unaware of the fact that Dundee United and Dundee FC’s football grounds are beautifully, and hilariously close to each other. In fact, they are 0.2 miles apart, which actually sounds further than it looks on the pictures.

When was Tannadice built?

Tannadice Park/Start dates

What are the two closest football grounds in the world?

7 Football Stadiums That Are Closest Together

  • Here are our 7 football stadiums that are closest together:
  • Moses Mabhida Stadium and Jonsson Kings Park Stadium.
  • Teslim Balogun Stadium and the National Stadium.
  • Estadio Libertadores de America and Estadio Presidente Juan Domingo Peron.
  • Dens Park and Tannadice Park.

Are Dundee United a Catholic team?

You’ll have heard it all before — Hibs, for example, are a “Celtic team”, Hearts are a “Rangers team”; Hibs are “Irish” and “Catholic”, Hearts are “British” and “Protestant”. United are a mini-Celtic — “Irish” and “Catholic”; Dundee are a mini-Rangers — “British” and “Protestant”.

Which is the closest football stadium to Dundee United?

Tannadice Park can be found just 200 yards from Dens Park, the home of Dundee United’s city rivals, Dundee Football Club. They are the two senior football stadiums that are closest to each other in the entirety of the UK.

When did Dundee United Football Club get its name?

Dundee United Football Club is a Scottish professional football club based in the city of Dundee. Formed in 1909, originally as Dundee Hibernian , [2] the club changed to the present name in 1923. [3]

When did Dundee United move to Dens Park?

Home to Scottish Premier League side Dundee F.C, the 11,850 capacity stadium shares part of the same road with Dundee United F.C’s Tannadice Park Stadium who are the club’s major rivals. Dundee F.C moved to Dens Park in 1899 exactly six years after the club’s formation after relocating from their former home at Carolina Port.

Where to see Dundee United at Tannadice Park?

Once you reach Tannadice Street you can see the Tannadice ground. Aidan Hegarty adds; ‘when progressing through the Wellgate centre the security staff can get a bit over-zealous on matchdays so hide those team colours at that stage’. Iain Thomson adds; ‘Bus Number 18 runs past Tannadice Park and bus 1a drops you off right below Dens Park.

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