Where is Lovoo based?

Where is Lovoo based?

Founded in 2012, LOVOO is a leading European dating app and the largest German-speaking dating app by downloads. The privately held company is based in Dresden and Berlin, Germany, and is available in 15 languages to its 1.9 million mobile daily active users.

How do I contact Lovoo?

If you have any questions or comments about these Terms of Service (TOS), please contact us at [email protected].

How do you cancel Lovoo?

Select “Payments” in the top bar and then go to “Manage direct debit payments” followed by “show”. Your active subscriptions will be displayed in the next window. Choose the LOVOO GmbH subscription. In the window that opens, tap on “Unsubscribe” on the right.

Which country has most Badoo users?

Badoo is popular with many in Europe, as the most downloaded dating app in France, Italy, and Spain. However, US users were less enamoured, with Badoo nowhere to be seen in the top five Stateside.

How to change your email address on Lovoo?

Using the app: 1 Login to the LOVOO app 2 Go to your profile on the top left 3 Tap on the gear wheel in the top right corner 4 Go to “My account” under app settings a) Under “Change email address” you will find your current email address, which… More

How do you register for Lovoo on Facebook?

Registration only takes a few minutes and then you’ll be right in the midst of our community. Open the LOVOO app and click on the “Register” button. Then you have to choose between registering with your email address and your Facebook account.

What do you need to know about Lovoo GmbH?

LOVOO GmbH is the data controller. The service offering is based on the freemium model allowing a LOVOO user (“user” or “you”) to use the LOVOO domain or run the LOVOO app to create a profile (“user profile”), upload images and exchange news etc. with other interested users and their user profiles for free.

Can you see who is near you on Lovoo?

With the nearby list, you can see who is near you and online at any time. All that’s left now is for someone to take the first step.


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