Where is the Bacardi rum factory located?

Where is the Bacardi rum factory located?

Puerto Rico
Today, Bacardi is a well-known brand with a global presence, and its factory in Puerto Rico is the largest premium rum distillery in the world.

Is the Bacardi factory open for tours?

With protocols to keep you safe, we’re ready to welcome you back. Book a tour!

Can you go to Casa Bacardi?

We are excited to welcome guests back to Casa BACARDÍ and have made safety our number one priority. People are seeking entertainment and shared experiences, and our new safety measures and reduced capacity offer an escape that is both safe and fun.

Can you go to Casa Bacardi without a tour?

The general entrance to a tour is free. It includes two free drinks as well. Just take a ferry from Old San Juan to Cataño. From there you take public transportation to Bacardi.

Can you visit Casa Bacardi without a tour?

It’s recommended that you book tickets ahead of time to make sure you get the time slot you’re looking for, but it’s not necessary. They take walk-ins as they come, you’ll just have to wait for the next available tour.

What Rum is only sold in Puerto Rico?

For those unfamiliar, Ron del Barrilito has been one of Puerto Rico’s best-kept secrets since 1880. Launched by Pedro F. Fernández, the brand has been putting out its 2 Star and 3 Star bottles for years, though they’re rarely seen on bar and liquor store shelves outside the island.

How long is the Bacardi tour in Puerto Rico?

roughly 90 minutes
The tour itself is roughly 90 minutes. You get a very brief history of Bacardi and the tasting is the bulk. You’re paying for the rum, so drink all of it.

Is Bacardi Cuban or Puerto Rican?

The Bacardi distillery in San Juan is the largest in the world, but the Bacardis are not from Puerto Rico. This family company for nearly a century was Cuban, cubanísima in fact – Cuban to the nth degree.

Is Bacardi in Cuba?

Bacardi was founded in Santiago de Cuba in 1862, taking advantage of Cuba’s status as largest producer of sugar in the Caribbean to launch what would eventually become perhaps the most recognizable brand of rum in the world.

Is Bacardi Superior?

Bacardi Superior is a white rum made by the Bacardi Company.

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