Which is better Kiet or JSS?

Which is better Kiet or JSS?

According to placements stats (https://sarvjanakari.com/direct-admission-in-jss-noida/#JSS_Noida_Placement_Stats) (no. of the companies visited every year) and academics of JSSATE Noida is better than KIET Ghaziabad. AKTU (Previously known as UPTU) has kept above ranking position for JSS in comparison of KIET.

Who is the owner of Kiet Ghaziabad?

Governing Body

Chairman Details
Chairman Name: M.P JAIN
Chairman Contact: 9873294641
Chairman Email: [email protected]

Is Kiet Ghaziabad government?

Is KIET , Ghaziabad a government college? KIET , Ghaziabad is Private college.

What is the fees of Kiet Ghaziabad?

I Year/Lateral Fee Details Academic Session 2021-22

Particulars B.Tech (First Year/Lateral) M.Tech (First Year)
TOTAL FEES 136499 128999
* Under revision by Hon’ble Fee Committee, revised fee will be charged # Presently Rs.8200/- to be deposited to AKTU directly by students towards University fee

Which is better Abes or galgotia college?

Both of these colleges have excellent placement records, but quite a few core companies visit the Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology. While, ABES Engineering College is better in terms of placement for the IT department specifically, due to the core companies visiting the campus every year.

Is KIET Ghaziabad a good college for MBA?

Reviews (Showing 5 of 57 reviews) Best management college in Ghaziabad. Placements: Almost everyone is placed as KIET offers a good placement to all students. 100% of the students got the internship opportunities in good companies.

How can I get admission in Kiet Ghaziabad 2021?

Candidates have to appear in the state-level engineering entrance test conducted by the A. K. Technical University (UPSEE), IET Campus, Lucknow. Out of the total seats, 85% are allotted through UPSEE counselling. UPSEE application forms are available online, candidates must fill the application form and submit it.

How can I get admission in Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering college?

All admissions are done through State Engineering Entrance Test UPSEE conducted by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University. By the merit of candidates based on marks obtained in qualifying examination as laid down by All India Council of Technical Education, New Delhi for admission to various programs.

Is Kiet good for MBA?

KIET Ghaziabad is a decent college to pursue MBA from with good and experienced faculty and quality educational curriculum. Infrastructure wise also the college is good.

Can I get direct admission in Kiet Ghaziabad?

A student can avail Direct Admission in KIET Ghaziabad under management quota.

How is placement in JSS Noida?

Placements: About 90% of the computer science and engineering branch students get placed every year. The highest salary package was offered to a student named Mitanshi Agarwal, which was 40 LPA in Adobe. The average salary package offered is around 4 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered is about 2 LPA.

What is the highest package of JSS Noida?

Placement Packages

Particular Package
Highest Package 40 LPA
Average package 8 LPA
Lowest Package 3 LPA

Which is better AKG or JSS?

Go for AKG. Among the private colleges in UP, AKG is on the top ranking. Academics, placement is good as compared to JSS. Among the private colleges in UP, AKG is on the top ranking.

Which is better Kiit or JSS Noida?

Answer. CS in KIIT is way better than CS in JSS noida. The placement scenario in KIIT is much much better than JSS. And KIIT has best placements in CS.

Which college is better Kiet or AKG?

ANSWERS (2) KIET has better a placement record than AKG. KIET is Top colleges of AKTU (UPTU) and in KIET, labs are well-equipped and have all the required facilities that a department must have. KIET has better a placement record than AKG.

Which is better JSS Noida or Jaypee Noida?

Both the Jaypee and Jss college is good for CS and both are located in noida and both will provide abundant opportunity for growth and development and faculties are also highly qualified in both campus but fee of jaypee is greater than jss ,If you have enough money then go for the jaypee because it is a deemed …

Can I get direct admission in JSS Noida?

You can still get Direct Admission in JSS Noida under Management Quota 2020.

Which is better amity or Kiet?

KIET is among the best colleges of UPTU, which would anyday be better than a private university like Amity. KIET is improving year after year due to it’s better faculty and placements as compared to other UPTU colleges. You can also expect lesser fees than Amity.

Is there uniform in JSS?

Question: Is there any dress code/uniform in JSS Noida? Answer: The answer is both, yes and no. If you have choosen mechanical engineering in jss, than you have to wear dress code as a compulsory.

Can I change my Branch in JSS?

The students admitted in PMSS and GOI quota are not eligible for Change of Branch. The students who get the Change of Branch shall have to pay a fee of Rs. 5,000/- through DD drawn in favour of Principal SJCE Mysuru.

Does JSS Noida have dress code?

Question: Is there any dress code/uniform in JSS Noida? Answer: The answer is both, yes and no. If you have choosen mechanical engineering in jss, than you have to wear dress code as a compulsory. Without uniforms, you aren’t allowed to enter in labs.

Are there any job placements in JSS Noida?

JSS Academy of Technical Education, JSS Mahavidyapeetha, Noida Faculty members are good and knowledgeable. Placements: In the civil department, there are no placements for 4 years. There are many companies for the civil engineering course, like L, Tata, etc. Students should have the quality to get a job but not the percentage.

What is your review of JSS Academy of Technical Education, NOIDA?

Placement in CS, IT and ECE are wonderful (only a fool wouldn’t get placed in these branches) but alomost zero in core branches. Overall experience was mediocre but you attach feeling for a place in four years so I’m going to miss this college that had no uniform.

How many students are there at jssaten Noida?

Today, JSSATEN has total student strength of over 4000, who are mentored by more than 250 Faculty Members. The Campus has finest accommodation for girls and boys. The Institution has MOUs with Colorado Heights University, Denver, USA for student exchange program.

Which is the best Institute for Technical Education in Noida?

JSS Academy of Technical Education Noida (JSSATEN) is one of the leading Technical Institutions in the National Capital Region in the State of Uttar Pradesh. Established in the year 1998 by JSS Mahavidyapeetha, Noida, the Institution has set bench marks every year, and grown into an Institution of Excellence in Technical Education.

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