Who has played Billy Elliot in the musical?

Who has played Billy Elliot in the musical?

Original casts

Character Original London cast Original Broadway cast
Billy Elliot Liam Mower James Lomas George Maguire Kiril Kulish David Álvarez Trent Kowalik
Mrs. Wilkinson Haydn Gwynne
Dad Tim Healy Gregory Jbara
Tony Joe Caffrey Santino Fontana

Who played Billy Elliot on Broadway 2011?

Jack Broderick
Jack Broderick joins the cast of the 10-time Tony Award winning Billy Elliot – The Musical, alternating the role of ‘Michael’ with current cast member Cameron Clifford. Broderick replaces Neil McCaffrey who played his final performance on 25 Sep 2011.

Where did Billy Elliot audition?

The ‘Royal Ballet School’, to which Billy heads for an audition, is a real anough place, which you’ll find in Richmond Park, southwest London. The film, though, substitutes the rather grander New Wardour Castle, a couple of miles southwest of Tisbury in Wiltshire.

Who is the dancer at the end of Billy Elliot?

Adam Cooper
He became internationally recognized for creating the lead role of Swan/Stranger in Matthew Bourne’s contemporary dance production of the ballet Swan Lake, a role that was briefly featured in the 2000 film Billy Elliot where Cooper played the adult version of the titular character….Adam Cooper (dancer)

Adam Cooper
Parent(s) Dave Tamwyn

Why does Billy Elliots family not like him doing ballet?

Jackie’s fear and also anger is shown when he tells Billy that “[He] can forget about the ballet.” He also fears that Billy would keep doing ballet secretly if he allowed him to keep boxing, He then permits him to do boxing as well. The fear of failure as a parent has a big impact on parenting.

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