Who is Wang Junkai and who is Karry Wang?

Who is Wang Junkai and who is Karry Wang?

Wang Junkai (simplified Chinese: 王俊凯; traditional Chinese: 王俊凱; pinyin: Wáng Jùnkǎi, born 21 September 1999), also known as Karry Wang, is a Chinese singer and actor.

How old was Wang Junkai when he joined TFBoys?

He officially debuted as a member of TFBOYS on August 6, 2013, at the age of 13 alongside Roy Wang and Jackson Yee. In 2017, he was enrolled into the Beijing Film Academy after having passed the college entrance examination; which received much media fanfare.

When did Wang Junkai do his first concert?

On 1 November 2019, Wang held his first solo concert called Karry’s Dream Concert 2019 in Cadillac Center. Wang held the Guinness World Record Holder for having “the most reposted Weibo post” in 2015. In March 2017, Wang was invited by Nike to take part in the design process of the new Air Max sneakers.

How many reposts of Wang Junkai birthday message?

He excelled in his studies as a student at the Middle School of Chongqing. In 2015, he set a Guinness World Record for Most Reposts of a Weibo Post Ever, with over 42 million reposts of his birthday message to fans.

Who is Wang Jun Kai in the Great Wall of China?

Wang Jun Kai (known by his English name: Karry) was chosen as a trainee in TF Entertainment and made his debut as a member of TF Boys. Wang Karry acted in the movie “The Great Wall” along with Matt Damon and Andy Lau and other excellent actors in China and America.

How many re-posts does Wang Karry have?

Wang Karry had also been presented with a Guinness World Record for a total of 42,776,438 re-posts on Sina Weibo (Chinese edition Twitter) for his birthday message, which is currently the most number of reports on Sina Weibo. He is also one of the main cast in “Finding Soul”.

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