Who was greatest mathematician of India?

Who was greatest mathematician of India?

Srinivasa Ramanujan
Srinivasa Ramanujan: India’s greatest mathematician.

Who was the famous Indian mathematicians?

Srinivasa Iyengar Ramanujan was born on December 22, 1887 in the present day Tamil Nadu, India. He is one of the most recognised Indian mathematicians although he had almost no formal training in pure mathematics.

Who is India’s first mathematician?

Aryabhata, also called Aryabhata I or Aryabhata the Elder, (born 476, possibly Ashmaka or Kusumapura, India), astronomer and the earliest Indian mathematician whose work and history are available to modern scholars.

Who is known as the god of mathematics?

By Arthur J Pais. Last updated on: December 22, 2016 13:39 IST. December 22 marks the 129th birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan, the greatest Indian mathematician of the 20th century.

Who are the most famous mathematicians in India?

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many other famous Indian mathematicians who contributed to the origin of mathematics. They have made several contributions to mathematics that have significantly influenced scientists and mathematicians in the modern era.

What did Srinivasa Ramanujan contribute to the theory of numbers?

Srinivasa Ramanujan, (born December 22, 1887, Erode, India—died April 26, 1920, Kumbakonam), Indian mathematician whose contributions to the theory of numbers include pioneering discoveries of the properties of the partition function. Some things to know about one of the world’s greatest mathematicians.

Who is the greatest mathematician of all time?

Ramanujan’s knowledge of mathematics (most of which he had worked out for himself) was startling. Although he was almost completely unaware of modern developments in mathematics, his mastery of continued fractions was unequaled by any living mathematician.

Who was the founder of the Indian Mathematical Society?

In 1910, after a meeting between the 23-year-old Ramanujan and the founder of the Indian Mathematical Society, V. Ramaswamy Aiyer, Ramanujan began to get recognition in Madras’s mathematical circles, leading to his inclusion as a researcher at the University of Madras.

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