Who was the girl that got pregnant on 16 and pregnant?

Who was the girl that got pregnant on 16 and pregnant?

Maddy Godsey Who were they? Maddy Godsey was known for having gotten pregnant after a one night stand with Cody Jensen. The teen mom was forced to raise little Aubrey Lynn Godsey alone after Cody proved to care very little about being in his daughter’s life.

Who is ebony from 16 and pregnant married to?

Ebony Jackson had plans to join the air force with her fiance, Josh Rendon before she became pregnant in 2008. The two had their issues including a paternity test requested by Josh’s mother, but the two ultimately married after graduating from high school. Where are they now?

When did Ashley from 16 and pregnant have her baby?

ASHLEY SALAZAR 16 and Pregnant Season 2 duo Ashley Salazar and Justin Lane, who had their first baby together all those years ago, just welcomed another in January 2017! Baby Phoenix arrived ahead of his January 28 due date by three weeks, and joins a seven-year-old sister, Callie.

Who are the original cast members of 16 and pregnant?

While the likes of Farrah, Jenelle, and Amber found their calling as reality television stars, some of the original 16 and Pregnant cast members didn’t make the transition into Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3 . Some were content being mothers away from the camera while others just weren’t asked to join the series that followed 16 and Pregnant.

What happens to Camryn and Camryn in 16 and pregnant?

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins, Camryn tries to maintain her composure, despite anxiety about finishing the semester and saving money with her boyfriend Cam before their baby Sadie arrives.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy at 16 weeks?

16 Weeks Pregnant 1 Your Baby at Week 16. Error 4: Media source is incompatible with player or browser. 2 Your Body at Week 16. At 16 weeks pregnant, you’re getting to the point… 3 Pregnancy Symptoms Week 16. Feeling overwhelmed by your ever-growing breasts? 4 Tips for You This Week. Your growing uterus can compress blood vessels,…

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