Why does my Duramax keep losing prime?

Why does my Duramax keep losing prime?

A common problem with high-mileage 2001-2010 Duramax trucks is that the fuel filter head assembly begins to develop air leaks. With age as well as use of ULSD and bio-diesel fuels, the O-rings in the filter head assembly can begin to allow air to bleed into the system, causing the fuel system to loose its prime.

What causes a diesel to lose prime?

The fuel system loses pressure with the truck off. Unless you have a cracked filter cap or bad line, the fuel system to the upper filter will purge when the truck gets turned on, and the fuel pump runs. You’d have a noticeable fuel leak. It’s probably a leak in your HPO system, or crack in your HPO reservoir.

How many miles will a 2005 Duramax last?

A poorly-maintained engine can quickly fall into disrepair before it even reaches the 100,000-mile mark while a well-maintained Duramax pickup truck should last 400,000 or even 500,000 miles.

How much def does a 2020 Duramax hold?

LML Duramax DEF The DEF tank is approximately 5 gallons (18.9 liters). On pickup trucks, the DEF tank fill nozzle is located on the passenger side, under the hood and is sealed by a blue cap. On vans, the DEF tank fill nozzle is located in the fuel fill door, and is also sealed by a blue cap.

How do you prime a 5.9 24v Cummins?

How to Prime a Cummins 5.9 Injector Pump

  1. Get into the driver’s seat of the vehicle.
  2. Turn the key to the “On” position and listen for the mechanical pump in the fuel tank to engage.
  3. Turn the key enough to engage the starter.
  4. Repeat Step 3 four to five times to allow the fuel line to pressurize.

How many miles will a Duramax LBZ last?

With a strengthened block and good internals, the LBZ is easily capable of surpassing the 300,000 mile mark with sufficient maintenance and care. Throughout the course of ownership you’ll probably have to replace a water pump or two and upgrade your transmission lines.

Why does my GMC Duramax keep losing Prime?

Ran out of diesel on freeway. Put fuel in tank and primed filter in engine compartment. no luck. Have an 04 GMC duramax. Help … read more my 2003 duramax stalls out right after start up. I have to pump the fuel pump on top of the fuel filter to get it to start again then it runs fine. Why? … read more

What kind of Duramax filter keeps losing Prime?

Chevrolet 2500hd 05 duramax i keep losing prime i have to… We have a 2005 6.6 Duramax diesal and it keeps losing prime. Auto repair pro, 30 years ex… Cam! I have an 05 k3500 d-max. It keeps losing prime. The Hey Cam! I have an 05 k3500 d-max. It keeps losing prime. The filter head has been rebuilt.

What was the cause of death of my Duramax?

Vocational, Technical or Tra… Duramax died 5 seconds after start up, was running fine prior. Duramax died 5 seconds after start up, was running fine prior. Replaced batteries, cranks over fine, but still will not start. Pumped primer about … read more

What happens when you lose prime in fuel system?

I figure it’s losing it’s prime and the cranking is necessary to get the fuel back up to the cp3. So, after I shut if down for a few minutes, I cracked the bleed screw on top of the filter head and absolutely nothing came out. Should fuel squirt out of here when it’s not running?

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