Why is Soraka on top?

Why is Soraka on top?

What makes Soraka so strong in the top lane is her ability to sustain with low mana cost abilities that heal herself for a significant amount. She can negate any trade damage with her Q’s self-healing and movement speed, and go relatively even with most top lane champions.

What does Soraka top counter?

Soraka Counter Pick The strongest counter would be Sona, a easy to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 53.66% (Good) and Play Rate of 3.9% (High). League of Legends most often picked champions vs Soraka, this is often heavily influenced by champion popularity.

Is Soraka good league?

Soraka received buffs to two of her key abilities on Patch 10.10 and her win rate has risen to 51.67%, placing the support firmly in S tier. Prior to Patch 10.10, Soraka was a middling support champion outshined by more popular enchanters and outplayed by the tank supports that dominate the current solo queue meta.

Is Soraka an op?

Soraka is considered OP at the moment thanks to her ability to sustain with low mana cost abilities that heal a pretty impressive amount. She is able to go even with most top lane champions because of her ability to negate any trade damage with her Q’s self-healing and additional movement speed.

How do you play against Soraka on top?

How to Play Against Soraka

  1. Don’t pick Assassins into her. If the enemy picks up Soraka before you get to choose your champion, do not pick an Assassin like Zed, Leblanc, or Talon into her.
  2. Invest in Grievous Wounds.
  3. Set up ambushes to kill her in the late game.
  4. Try to have a lot of CC.

Is Soraka annoying?

Over the past few patches, Soraka has quickly become one of the most annoying champs to play against as a League of Legends top laner. By using his Flash, Barrier, Soraka’s Q, E silence, and ultimate, it took T1 almost a full minute to take him down.

Who works best with Soraka?

Generally ADC’s that don’t have super high mobility since Soraka can’t really keep up. For example, despite her tumble Vayne tends to not get too far away. Varus is also a really good pick for Soraka since his ulti leaves him vulnerable to counter ganks while he’s using it. Kogmaw doesn’t get too far either.

Which is the best item for soraka top?

Great item for Soraka top as it gives mana, health and ability power. The really great thing is the passive, when you take damage you get mana. This is great on Soraka as you take damage to get more mana to spam Q to heal the damage back.

What do you do with soraka’s ULT in RuneScape?

Lastly we have Soraka’s ult, this is global power spike for your team as you will be able to give a bot lane jungle gank great security if played well, or a gank in any lane for that matter (including yours!).. For those that play Soraka as a support this phase of the game is very familiar for this build.

What’s the best way to use soraka in Lane?

Perfect for aggressive and support raka. In lane the cooldown is around 5 seconds so its always up for Q+aa. Sorakas ult being off cooldown is key to winning close teamfights and lane somewhat.

What’s the advantage of soraka in early game?

Soraka top is the harass queen. The closest champion I can think of for early game play is Teemo, you harass your opponent with auto-attacks as often as possible while still farming every minion possible. The advantage Soraka has is her Q is a high damage, low cost ,area of effect, healing skill shot and her auto-attack range is longer.

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