Why visit Dalian?

Why visit Dalian?

The beautiful scenery attracts many people every year. Travelers mainly visit Dalian for its beautiful sea, beaches, museums, and its international ambience. It is not like Beijing or Xi’an or other historical cities. It is modern and gorgeous.

What is Dalian known for?

In a region famed for its apple and cherry orchards lies the coastal city of Dalian. The city is one of China’s most heavily developed industrial areas and serves as an important international shipping center and logistics hub to North Asia.

How many people are in Dalian?


Dalian 大连市
• Hukou population (2014) 5,943,000
• Districts 4,607,000
GDP (nominal) 2016
• Total CNY 823.42 billion USD 119.76 billion

What do they speak in Dalian?

Mandarin Chinese
Dalian dialect (simplified Chinese: 大连话; traditional Chinese: 大連話; pinyin: Dalian hua, Romaji: Dairen-ben) is a dialect of Mandarin Chinese spoken on the Liaodong Peninsula, including the city of Dalian and parts of Dandong and Yingkou.

What language do they speak in Dalian China?

Mandarin is the main language of Dalian, and most Dalianese speak a fairly standard version of the dialect, though the local variety (known as Dalian-hua and related to the Shandong dialect) can sometimes be hard to follow for those unfamiliar with it.

What are the tourist attractions in Dalian China?

Driving along the road, visitors will find a dozen Dalian tourist attractions, like a string of pearls scattered along it including Bangchuidao Scenic Area, Tiger Beach Ocean Park, Yanwoling (Swallow Nest Mountain), Fujiazhuang bathing place and Yuexiu Villa.

Where is the best place to visit in China?

In the seemingly underrated part of China, lies Dalian where some of the most interesting places are found. Travelers who dare to go beyond the usual commercial travel destinations should come to check out Dalian.

Why are there so many footprints in Dalian?

It was a great project built to commemorate Hong Kong’s return to China in 1997 and imprints of 1000 pairs of footprints of Dalian people symbolize the enterprising spirit of local people. 500 meters (500 yards) north of the square is a landmark of the city, Xinghai Exhibition Center.

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