Are 6CA7 and EL34 interchangeable?

Are 6CA7 and EL34 interchangeable?

The EL34, KT77 and the 6CA7 are all interchangeable.

What’s the difference between EL34 and EL34B?

I think you will find EL34 is the original copyright title from Mullard and other manufacturers back in the day when production was good and EL34B is the new build version. EL34s as NOS cost an arm and a leg and EL34Bs from China/Eastern Block, are relatively cheap. They are basically similar in performance.

Is 6550 same as KT88?

6550, KT88’s, and KT90 are interchangeable. The 6550 originated in the US and the KT88 is the European answer to the 6550. Its called “One-up-man-ship”.

Which amps use KT66 tubes?

Very well known amps were designed with KT66 tube. For example, legendary LEAK Quad II and Heath W5M use KT66 tube in Williamson circuit. And of course, the Marshall JTM45 and its derivative models 1961 and 1962 used the KT66 tubes.

Are 6L6 and 5881 tubes the same?

You can immediately notice that the 6L6 and 5881 are in the same family of valves. They are part of the general evolutionary process for this particular valve. So they are similar, but not identical tubes. In other words, there are no 6L6 tubes which are identical to the 5881 tube.

What’s the difference between the KT66 and the EL34?

The KT66 and the KT77 are in a class of there own and totally different. For tone, KT66’s in a JTM45 is going to be early AC/DC, Bon Scott era. EL34’s are going to be more like early British rock, think very VERY early The Who.

What’s the difference between a 1987x and an EL34?

The amp ships loaded with EL34s, which he contrasts with a pair of KT66s. Johan plays his 1987X through a Marshall 4×12 1960A with stock G12M25 75Hz Pulsonic Celestion Greenbacks. His punches out his bluesy rock riffs on a Gibson SG from the Custom Shop, so quality gear used all round.

How much current does a KT66 heater use?

KT66 Tubes. Remember, even though these will bias with a range of voltage used for a 6L6 tubes, each KT66 draws about 1.3 amps of heater current. Your power supply’s heater tap will use 50% more current compared to a pair of 6L6 tubes. Check the heater voltage to see if it sags down to 6 volts or less.

What are grey rows on EL34 tube comparison chart?

With a volume and single tone control this amp really lets you hear the tonal differences between the tubes. Grey rows represent discontinued and unavailable tubes.

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