Are Colombian au pairs good?

Are Colombian au pairs good?

As most Latin American countries, Colombians can be described as outgoing, warm-hearted, and sociable people. A Colombian au pair is likely to be flexible on schedule, and will look forward to being a part of the family.

What country has the best au pairs?

According to statistics from the online matching agency, the UK and the USA are at the top of the list of desired nationalities. However, many are looking for an Au-Pair from Spain, France or Italy. Additionally, Au-Pairs from Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Finland are also among the top 10.

Why are so many au pairs from Brazil?

Unparalleled Chance to Learn a New Language. One reason many families want to find an au pair from Brazil is to teach their child a new language. Most Brazilian au pairs are fluent in Portuguese, though you can find some Spanish-speaking au pairs.

What happens if an au pair gets married?

If an au pair does indeed get married she will be removed from the program and she will be on her own to get home and will be without insurance.

How much is au pair salary in Germany?

In Germany, an au pair receives monthly pocket money of 280 euros per month.

Can an au pair work overnight?

In a 24-hour period, an au pair cannot work for more than 10 hours. If your family needs overnight care, you will need to be crystal clear about your schedule, and your au pair must understand it is non-traditional.

How do au pairs get paid?

Au pairs must receive a weekly stipend from the host family that is at least $195.75 per week. The weekly au pair stipend is a minimum payment requirement and host families and au pairs are free to agree to compensation higher than this legally applicable minimum.

Is au pair human trafficking?

The National Human Trafficking Hotline said it received reports of more than two dozen potential victims of trafficking who were on au pair visas from 2014 through 2017. Most were trafficked as domestic workers but some were forced into commercial sex, it said.

How many hours a week can an au pair work?

45 hours per week
Au pairs can work a maximum of 10 hours a day and 45 hours per week. The au pair is entitled to one and a half days off each week, which means that if her hours are spread over 6 days, one of those work days cannot exceed 5 hours of work.

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