Are Cousins Subs still in business?

Are Cousins Subs still in business?

Cousins Submarines, better known as Cousins Subs, is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based sub sandwich shop with more than 100 locations, founded in 1972 by cousins Bill Specht and Jim Sheppard….Cousins Subs.

Trade name Cousins Subs
Number of locations 100+ as of October 2019
Area served Wisconsin Illinois Indiana

Are Cousins Subs only in Wisconsin?

Cousins Subs and its franchisees operate nearly 100 sub sandwich shops in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana providing guests with quality deli fresh and made to order grilled subs using only the freshest ingredients on its signature bread baked daily. For more information, visit

Do cousins deliver?

With nearly 85% of Cousins Subs locations offering delivery, the brand is better positioned to accommodate the needs of guests throughout their system. For more information on Cousins Subs or to place a delivery order online, please visit

Where was Cousins Subs founded?

1972, Milwaukee, WI
Cousins Submarines, Inc./Founded
We Believe In Better Our story began in 1972 when two Cousins, Bill Specht and Jim Sheppard, set out to bring their favorite style of sub sandwich from the East Coast to their new hometown of Milwaukee, Wis. Staying true to our founders’ legacy of Better Bread.

Who is the CEO of Cousins Subs?

William Specht (1972–)
Cousins Submarines, Inc./CEO
CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Christine Specht grew up with Cousins Subs — the sub sandwich chain her dad, Bill Specht, founded with his cousin two years before she was born.

How much is a Cousins Sub?

Cousins Subs Menu & Prices 2021

Food Size & Price
Italian Special 7.5″ – $5.49 15″ – $10.49
Pepperoni Melt 7.5″ – $5.49 15″ – $10.49
Meatball & Provolone 7.5″ – $4.99 15″ – $9.49
Tuna 7.5″ – $4.99 15″ – $9.49

Does cousins have free delivery?

Sandwich lovers can order their favorite deli fresh and grilled to order subs and made to order sides at or through the Cousins Subs mobile app for free delivery. In addition, all Cousins Club members will receive one point for every dollar they spend on their delivery order.

Who is the owner of Cousins Subs?

and Tracy Silva Are the Proud New Owners of the Cousins Subs in East Troy, Wisconsin. MILWAUKEE (Sept. 9, 2020) – Cousins Subs today announced that Silva Subs, LLC, owned by Elias Silva Jr. and Tracy Silva, is the proud new owner of the Cousins Subs restaurant in East Troy, Wisconsin.

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