Are Englander wood stoves any good?

Are Englander wood stoves any good?

Great stove for the price. Burn well and puts out lots of heat. Only down fall is the burn time is only about 6 hours. it is heavy but heats like a champ love it…

Are wood furnaces safe?

Statistically, a wood stove used for heat is safer than your cooking stove (NFPA). Like all appliances, your wood stove is only safe if it is installed in accordance with your local building codes and your manufacturer’s recommendations. You must properly maintain your wood stove and your chimney to ensure safety.

Where is Englander wood stove made?

Monroe, VA
Englander Wood Stoves Since their humble beginnings in a backyard in 1975 England’s Stove Works has expanded rapidly by manufacturing quality inserts for heating Virginia homes. Located in Monroe, VA, this local company has a reputation for craftsmanship and long-lasting products.

Is the Englander wood burning stove a good buy?

The folks at englander stoves are great if you can get them on the phone. They are thorough and i assume thats why they take a while to answer individual calls. Very happy with this stove, have been burning wood for about 10 years. I bought this to replace a stove I had in my living room.

What makes England’s Stove Works a good choice?

England’s Stove Works prides itself on customer satisfaction and this along with the stove’s availability, quality and affordability continue to make Englander wood stoves a popular choice with the public. The company targets the DIY audience of home improvement types, and big-box retailers like Home Depot carry their wood-burning stoves.

How big is an EPA certified wood burning stove?

The 2.45 cu. ft. firebox with XBT Technology holds logs up to 18 in. L and can burn through the night with a full load of wood. The latest EPA Certification means that you’ll have very clean, efficient burns, but it also means you’ll use less fuel for the same amount of heat as older, non-certified stoves.

What does the efficiency of a wood burner mean?

Combustion efficiency represents a calculated measurement (in percent) of how well the wood burning device is converting the wood into useable heat. It does not reflect how much of the useable heat produced is transferred to the home.

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