Are Kubotai rasbora Hardy?

Are Kubotai rasbora Hardy?

General: The green neon rasbora naturally thrives in the rivers of peninsular Thailand. This small community fish will typically occupy the mid to upper areas of the water. The green neon rasbora will live peacefully with a large variety of tank mates and are a hardy addition to any new aquarium.

How big do neon green Rasboras get?


Synonyms Microrasbora kubotai
Distribution Myanmar & Thailand.
Sexual Dimorphism Mature females fuller bodied.
Maximum Size 2cm (0.8”).
Water Parameters Soft & acidic. pH 6.0-7.0, dH: up to 10 degrees.

How long do neon green Rasboras live?

With a healthy diet and a good environment within the aquarium, neon green rasboras can live 3 – 7 years.

How big do green neon tetras get?

about 3.5 cm
It grows to a maximum overall length of about 3.5 cm (1.4 in). Like the other Paracheirodon species, the green neon tetra is kept as an aquarium fish, but it is less commonly seen than either the neon tetra or the cardinal tetra. P. simulans is also sometimes called the blue or false neon.

Can I keep Harlequin Rasboras live with bettas?

Harlequin Rasboras make excellent tank mates for bettas. They both survive in the same conditions, and their peaceful natures and quick speed make it unlikely any hostility will break out between the two species.

Are green neon tetras Hardy?

The Green Neon Tetra is a great fish from South America. These fish will thrive in black water conditions. Although, they are very hardy and will accept a wide range of parameters.

Are Green Fire tetras fin nippers?

Registered. Most community Tetra are described as peaceful shoaling fish. IME, it’s far from true and many community tetra are aggressive. Males often engage in combat with one another, and may nip fins on small and slow tankmates.

How do you breed green fire tetras?

Placing a couple of female egg carrying with a male Green Fire Tetra in the tank should do the job. They breed on their own and usually do so in the night time. You should place the tank in a darker place.

What fish are bettas compatible with?

Best Betta Fish Tank Mates: What Fish Can Live With Bettas?

  • Cory catfish.
  • Neon and ember tetras.
  • Ghost shrimp.
  • African dwarf frogs.
  • Guppies.
  • Kuhli loaches.

Which is the best tankmates for Green Rasbora?

Some good tankmates for Green neon rasbora are:- 1 Ember Tetra. 2 Neon Tetra, 3 Chili Rasbora (small rasboras), 4 Galaxy danio, 5 Corydoras species.

What kind of fish is a green Rasbora?

Green Neon rasbora (microdevario kubotai) is a typical peaceful fish that naturally grows in the peninsular River Thailand. This is a little fish and can be a good option for a nano tank; they like to swim in the mid to upper area.

What should the water temp be for a green Rasbora?

Green neon rasbora (Microdevario kubotai) temperature ? Water temperature for Microdevario kubotai should be maintained between :- 72 to 80 degree Fahrenheit (20 to 26 degree celcius) Water tempreture:-72 to 80 degree Fahrenheit pH value – 6 to 7.5

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