Can I have 2 blog pages in WordPress?

Can I have 2 blog pages in WordPress?

You Can’t Have Multiple Blogs. At least, not by default. The way that the WordPress Core is set up, each installation is an individual site. It has one database with one set of users tied to it.

How do I add a new page to my WordPress blog?

Add a new page. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard, and click on Pages > Add New. This step is pretty self-explanatory. Since you already have an existing business website and you want to add a blog, you’ll need a page for your blog to live. You don’t want it encroaching on other pertinent page information.

How many pages can I create in WordPress?

There is no limit on how many pages you create in WordPress and it is possible to create a website with only pages and not using posts at all. Even though pages are supposed to have static content, but that does not mean users can not update them. Pages can be updated as often as user want to update them.

How to create a separate page for blog posts in WordPress?

WordPress comes with built-in support for creating a custom home page (static front page), and a separate page for blog posts. To use this method, you need to create two new WordPress pages. The first page is going to be your custom home page. In your WordPress admin, go to Pages » Add New to create a new page. You can title this page Home.

How can I create multiple blog pages on one website?

Go to Appearance > Menu. Create a new menu if you do not have one, or you can edit an existing menu. Select the list of pages from the list and check the pages you have created. Now click on the Add to Menu button. Thats it! You have finally found your way around creating multiple blog pages on a single website.

How to create a download page in WordPress?

Set your download options Add the file (s) to your download page. Click the Add file button, then add your files. Under the File URL (s) you can paste links to different file servers that will act as mirrors.

How can I make a copy of my WordPress blog?

One way to make a copy of some WordPress blogs is to simply install a fresh copy of WordPress and copy content from one blog to the other. This can be done by going to each post or page one at a time and using the edit feature.

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