Can iPhone SIM card reader Be Fixed?

Can iPhone SIM card reader Be Fixed?

The iPhone 11’s SIM card reader is modular and can be replaced separately from the logic board. If you’re having issues with your SIM card or cellular network connection, replacing the SIM reader may resolve the problem.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone SIM card reader?

Call Apple Care, they will send you a new one to your address. They will tell you the cost, but it seems it was something around $6-7. The SIM Card reader is not a separate part that can be replaced. The entire phone will have to be replaced.

Do SIM cards go bad in iPhones?

Of course, like any electronic device from a hard drive to an SSD device to a cpu to anything else, any SIM can go bad for a whole host of reasons, and it could do so at any time. A virus seems highly unlikely since an iPhone or iPad write no data at all to the SIM card.

What happens if your sim card reader is damaged?

Researching this, if a pin is damaged, it won’t work. But I am guessing that you treated your phone like a baby. Very carefully. If they didn’t do this, I’d take it back and tell them to look harder. You are wrong. When setting up any iPhone for the first time, or after a factory reset, a SIM card is REQUIRED for activation.

What to do if your sim card is not working on your iPhone?

Using a SIM Card, other than your original one, can be helpful to test if your original SIM is damaged. If your iPhone won’t read SIM Card, just contact your Carrier’s retail store and put in a request to issue another SIM Card or just replace the old one if another SIM card can be detected. 5. Update Carrier Settings

Do you have to put the SIM card back in?

Put the SIM Card back in, back in business. And no, you DO NOT need the SIM to set up the iPhone. As long as you have WiFi, you’re fine. To the OP: You do not need to reset your phone.

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