Can you Moq extension methods?

Can you Moq extension methods?

Solution: Extension methods are just static methods in disguise. Mocking frameworks like Moq or Rhinomocks can only create mock instances of objects, this means mocking static methods is not possible. And you can mock the implementation interface and set it as implementation for the extensions class.

What is verify in Moq?

Verifies that all verifiable expectations have been met.

Can you mock extension methods C#?

But how can we mock an extension method? You can create a non-static method on a class that implements an interface, mock the method on the interface, and then create a extension method that acts as a wrapper around either the original method or the mocked method.

What is a mock Moq?

moq Getting started with moq Moq is a mocking library for . Net. It allows interactions with dependencies to be simulated and verified in order to facilitate unit testing.

Can we mock static methods using MOQ?

You can use Moq to mock non-static methods but it cannot be used to mock static methods. All you need to do is wrap the static method call inside an instance method and then use dependency injection to inject an instance of the wrapper class to the class under test.

Can Moq mock private methods?

You can’t, at least not with Moq. But more importantly, you shouldn’t. First off, you don’t test methods, you test behaviours.

How do you know if mocked method called?

To check if a method was called on a mocked object you can use the Mockito. verify method: Mockito. verify(someMock).

Can we mock a class?

Because of this, you can only mock interfaces, or virtual methods on concrete or abstract classes. Additionally, if you’re mocking a concrete class, you almost always need to provide a parameterless constructor so that the mocking framework knows how to instantiate the class.

Can you mock a static class?

Mocking a No Argument Static Method 0, we can use the Mockito. mockStatic(Class classToMock) method to mock invocations to static method calls. This method returns a MockedStatic object for our type, which is a scoped mock object.

How do you mock static variables?

  1. 3 Answers. order by.
  2. Encapsulate Global References. This technique is also introduced in Michael Feathers’s wonderful book : Working Effectively with Legacy Code.
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  4. Dependence Injection.
  5. Delegate FileReader static methods to instance.
  6. Extract Interface from FileReader.
  7. Static setter.
  8. Clean up.
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