Can you play basketball after hip replacement?

Can you play basketball after hip replacement?

Low impact sports are generally the rule. You should be able to participate in bicycling, swimming, bowling, golf, non-aggressive doubles tennis, walking, and other similar activities. Football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball are not acceptable.

What activities can be done after hip replacement?

Low-impact exercises such as walking, swimming, golfing and bicycling are very beneficial to patients recovering from joint replacement surgery. Avoid activities that involve impact stress on the joint, such as jogging or jumping, and contact sports, such as football.

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What kind of sports can I do after a hip replacement?

However, doctors are concerned about people with a hip replacement playing high impact activities such as basketball, soccer, football and jogging. As more and more younger people are getting hip replacements, these activity restrictions are becoming more important for doctors to explain to patients before surgery.

Can you play tennis after a hip replacement?

So a hip or knee replacement will let you get back to playing tennis, however, there is the concern that a fall could cause significant damage to the affected joint or overuse could lead to premature failure of the joint replacement.

Do you need a doctor to play basketball?

Football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball are not acceptable. You should consult your doctor before participating in any particular sport. * This website is intended to provide general education information and the content should not be construed as medical advice or information of a physician/patient relationship.

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