Can you pull fuel through an electric fuel pump?

Can you pull fuel through an electric fuel pump?

After a few seconds of power the switch is turned off and the engine started. This of course would require an electric pump, that the mechanical one could pull fuel through. Positive displacement pumps may not allow this. Pumps as listed don’t specify weather fuel could be pulled through.

How do facet pumps work?

The pumps run constantly and will click even when full pressure has been reached and no fuel is flowing to the carbs. The pumps have a maximum lift of 30cms so must be fitted near the level of the fuel tank. The ports are 1/8NPT and the inlet should be fitted with a filter union.

Does an electric fuel pump need to be primed?

For normal automobile operation, you will not need to prime your electric fuel pump. You can use the prime switch when your engine may seem to start to die or when the filters in the car become clogged. Some models of electric fuel pumps do not need to be primed by hand as they have a self priming feature built in.

Can you put an electric fuel pump before a mechanical fuel pump?

You can run an electric pump with the mechanical but you won’t be able to turn it off and expect the car to still run. I have this mechanical and electric set up on my 440 and do not use the electric pump except at the track. I have never had an issue this way.

Why do electric fuel pumps fail?

The top reasons for fuel pump failure are contamination, overheating, and the gears in the the fuel pump wearing out over time. Rust, debris, and dirt are three common particles that can somehow enter the gas tank and be fed towards or through the intank fuel filter and possibly into the fuel pump.

Where do you put a Facet fuel pump?

Ideally, you should mount the pump with the outlet higher than the inlet to prevent vapor lock. Next best is horizontal, with the inlet and outlet at the same height. Mounting the pump with the inlet above the outlet should be avoided because it can promote vapor lock.

Where should I mount my electric fuel pump?

UNIVERSAL PUMP LOCATIONS The universal fuel pump should be mounted below the fuel tank, as all fuel pumps do not have equal lift capabilities. Also, the pump must be mounted below the carburetor to avoid possible vapor lock conditions from occurring.

How do you start a car with an electric fuel pump?

Now when you want to cold start your classic car all you need to do is turn the ignition to the on position, hit the toggle switch to send power to the electric pump and allow it enough time for the electric fuel pump to get gas to the carburetor. This should happen within a matter of 10 seconds or so.

Which is facet fuel pump do you use?

Facet cube pumps are also popular in carb motorcycle fast road and race applications. African Twins and KTM 950s are often sporting electric pump upgrades; 40171, 40104 and 40105 [low pressure]. The black hosed Posi-Flo pump is the updated version of the Facet cube.

What kind of facet fuel filter do I Need?

Facet fuel filter FPA906 is designed to screw directly into the pump and accommodate 8mm ID fuel hose. Alternately, an in-line filter such as Sytec’s Pro Flow glass filter is available with 6mm, 8mm or 10mm tails. Facet cube pumps are also popular in carb motorcycle fast road and race applications.

What’s the maximum pressure of a Facet pump?

Facet pumps are compatible with gasoline, alcohol blends (up to and including E85), diesel, biodiesel, and fuel additives. Maximum fuel delivery 28 gallons per hour. Maximum pressure 1.5 to 4.5 psi. Typical flow 15 gallons per hour at 2 psi.

Where is the best place to mount a fuel pump?

Two-bolt installation plus the small size makes installation easy. For best results, mount the pump close to the fluid or fuel tank and below the liquid level. When properly installed on most vehicles a constant, smooth, dependable supply of fuel under pressure is assured in the hottest weather or in high altitudes.

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