Did Logitech discontinue G602?

Did Logitech discontinue G602?

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse – (Discontinued) The G602 features over 250 hours of non-stop wireless gaming experience, up to 1440 hours in endurance mode while the Delta-zero sensor technology provides a high accuracy tracking.

What replaced the G602 mouse?

Logitech G502 HERO
The Logitech G502 HERO is a better gaming mouse than the Logitech G602. It feels better built, has weight optimization, higher customizable CPI, and a better mouse wheel.

Is the Logitech G602 good for FPS?

Doodier: I have the g602 and it’s absolutely perfect! No noticable lag whatsoever and I play only CS:GO nowadays. It has a toggle button for gaming/battery saver mode and I use the gaming mode for – well – gaming and the other mode for everything else.

How long does the Logitech G602 last?

Logitech claims that the G602 lasts for 240 hours on Performance mode, while Endurance mode will keep the device running for a far lengthier 1,440 hours.

What is the best Logitech gaming mouse?

The best wireless gaming mouse is Logitech’s G502 Lightspeed. It’s the most well-rounded choice if you want comfort, a long-lasting battery, and the best selection and arrangement of buttons. The model’s design accommodates multiple grip styles, and Logitech’s companion software is unobtrusive and a breeze to use.

Is Logitech G602 Bluetooth?

The Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse relies on a dedicated connection with the included 2.4GHz receiver and lacks standard Bluetooth connectivity, meaning the mouse can only operate with the included receiver.

Is G602 good for gaming?

The Logitech G602 is a very good mouse for playing MMO games. Its shape is comfortable for long hours of gaming and it has a lot of side buttons for instant access to your spells and abilities. It feels responsive and its wireless click latency is low enough that you won’t notice any delay.

How heavy is the G602?

The Logitech G602 measures 1.73 by 3.27 by 5.47 inches (HWD), and weighs 3.77 ounces, making it lighter than the wireless Logitech G700s($481.44 at Amazon) (despite the similar dimensions)—and it doesn’t have the G700s’ weird paint-job, either.

What DPI is Logitech G602?

between 250 and 2,500 DPI
The G602 features Logitech’s Delta Zero sensor, which offers tracking sensitivity between 250 and 2,500 DPI and registers up to 2 meters of travel per second.

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