Did Torrey Smith make a Pro Bowl?

Did Torrey Smith make a Pro Bowl?

He also played for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Carolina Panthers. Smith is a two-time Super Bowl champion, winning Super Bowl XLVII over the 49ers as a member of the Ravens and Super Bowl LII over the New England Patriots with the Eagles….Torrey Smith.

Receptions: 319
Receiving touchdowns: 41

What happened to Torrey Smith?

Torrey Smith is retiring from the NFL. After playing eight seasons with four different teams — and winning two Super Bowl rings — the wide receiver announced in a video posted on social media Friday that he is leaving the sport. “It’s the NFL circle of life,” he said in the video, “and I’m prepared for what’s next.”

What team did Torrey Smith retire with?

the Baltimore Ravens
Two-time Super Bowl champion Torrey Smith is retiring after eight NFL seasons. The former second-round pick by the Baltimore Ravens announced his retirement in a video during which he thanked football for all he’s accomplished.

How old is Torrey Smith?

32 years (January 26, 1989)
Torrey Smith/Age

What is Torrey Smith salary?

According to Spotrac.com, he earned $30,510,412 in salary during his professional career; that was enough to build what CelebrityNetWorth.com estimates to be a $20 million fortune.

Who is Dez Bryant playing with?

Baltimore Ravens#88 / Wide receiver
Dez Bryant/Current teams

Where was Torrey born?

Colonial Beach, VA
Torrey Smith/Place of birth

Where did Torrey Smith play college football at?

He played college football at the University of Maryland and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2011 NFL Draft. He has also played for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Carolina Panthers. Smith is a two-time Super Bowl champion, once with the Ravens and once with the Eagles.

How many yards did Torrey Smith have against Eastern Michigan?

Against Eastern Michigan, Smith recorded two receptions for 58 yards and four kickoffs for 126 yards. Smith tallied his first collegiate touchdown on a third-quarter reception from quarterback Chris Turner in the 20–17 comeback at #20 Clemson. He recorded 144 return yards against Virginia.

When did Torrey Smith redshirt at Maryland?

Smith sat out the 2007 season at Maryland on redshirt status, and was voted the scout team player of the year as a freshman. He was named the scout team player of the week before the Florida State game.

When did Torrey Smith play for the Maryland Terps?

Torrey Smith returns a kick during the Terps’ 51–24 victory over Eastern Michigan, September 20, 2008. Smith drew praise from the Maryland coaching staff during summer workouts before the 2008 season, and The Washington Times predicted Smith, alongside receiver Ronnie Tyler, would earn significant playing time.

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