Does I 66 go through Kentucky?

Does I 66 go through Kentucky?

Interstate 66 is a proposed interstate that would enter the state in far Eastern Kentucky and exit in far Western Kentucky. It would serve Pikeville, Hazard, London, Somerset, Bowling Green, and Paducah. The proposed corridor for Interstate 66 is now legally defined to follow the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway.

How many interstate highways are in Kentucky?

nine interstate highways
Kentucky’s highway system is composed of over 78,000 miles of public roads and streets, including nine interstate highways and nine state parkways.

What year was Interstate 66 built?

December 16, 1961
Interstate 66/Constructed

What two highways pass Kentucky?

Kentucky is served by five major (two-digit) interstate routes: Interstate 24, Interstate 64, Interstate 65, Interstate 71, and Interstate 75. Kentucky s interstate mileage also includes four supplementary (three-digits) routes: Interstate 264, Interstate 265, Interstate 275, and Interstate 471.

How are the interstates in Kentucky?

This is a list of interstates in Kentucky….Primary highways.

Number I-71
Length (km) 154
Southern or western terminus I-64 / I-65 in Louisville
Northern or eastern terminus I-71 / I-75 at the Ohio state line

Where are the proposed interstate highways in Kentucky?

A proposed interstate highway, now scrapped, that would have run east to west across the southern portion of the state. President George W. Bush signed legislation declaring portions of both the Pennyrile Parkway and the Western Kentucky Parkway as well as all of the Purchase Parkway as part of the extension of I-69 in June 2008.

Where is the new Interstate 66 in Kentucky?

Planners are actively working on deciding a route for the new interstate in Pike County, between Somerset and London, and in the Warren County area. The 2002 and 2003 Kentucky Official Highway Maps both show the proposed corridor for Interstate 66, and “Future I-66” signs may soon begin appearing along the Cumberland Parkway.

Are there any plans for new interstate highways?

In the United States, future Interstate Highways include proposals to establish new mainline (one or two-digit) routes to the Interstate Highway System. Excluded in this article are three-digit auxiliary Interstate Highways in varying stages of planning and construction, and the planned expansion of existing primary Interstate Highways.

Who is the superintendent of highways in Kentucky?

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