How big is the back of a Vauxhall Combo van?

How big is the back of a Vauxhall Combo van?

Passenger & boot space Maximum load length is 1817mm for a Standard van and 2167mm for a XL, while the width between wheel arches is 1229mm. There’s no option of a high roof, but the Combo has a maximum loadspace height of 1243mm and a loading height for the rear of 548mm in the L1 and 620mm for the L2.

What are the dimensions of a Vauxhall Combo van?

The overall length of the Vauxhall Combo L1 is 2785mm, its 1848mm wide without mirrors and 2107mm with mirrors, finally the L1 height varies between 1796-1860mm dependent on the weight carried.

What is a Combo van?

The Opel Combo is a panel van and leisure activity vehicle from the German automaker Opel. The Combo B and Combo C share platforms, vital components and some body panels with contemporary subcompact Opel Corsas, which used to be a typical pedigree for such a vehicle.

What can a Vauxhall Combo tow?

For all Vauxhall Combo 2012-2018 vehicles, the towbars have a towing weight capacity of 1000kg up to 1500kg. For all Vauxhall Combo 2018 onwards vehicles, the towbars have a towing weight capacity of up to 1500kg.

Do Vauxhall Combos have 3 seats?

For extra versatility, go for the Combo Crew van. You’ll get five seats – two up-front and three in the second-row – giving you plenty of space for everything, and everyone.

How much is tax on a Vauxhall Combo van?

Fuel economy for this used diesel VAUXHALL Combo model is 55 MPG, giving an indicative fuel cost of 9.2 p/mile; in VED Band E this small van’s standard 12 month car tax rate is £155.

What type of van is a Vauxhall Combo?

small van
With its switch to PSA Group running gear, the Vauxhall Combo van is now a front-runner in the small van class. There are generous cargo weights in the back, easy access and plenty of useful load carrying options.

How tall is the Vauxhall Combo cargo van?

Vauxhall Combo Cargo load area dimensions: SWB L1H1 LWB L2H1 Crew Van Maximum load length (mm) 1,781 2,131 2,131 Load length with Flex Cargo (mm) 3,090 3,440 2,110 Maximum load height (mm) 1,236 1,243 1,243 Maximum load width (mm) 1,630 1,630 1,527

How tall is a CDTI Easytronic Combo van?

Combo 1700 1.3 CDTi Easytronic Combo 1700 1.3 CDTi Easytronic Load Length (mm) 1787 Load Width Max (mm) 1348 Load Height (mm) 1175 Load Volume (m 3) 2.8

What’s the difference between a crew van and a L2?

The L2 has a longer wheelbase and extended rear overhang to create a 3.9 cubic metre load volume. In comparison, the Crew Van has 3.5-4 cubic metres of space with the seats in place and folded. The Combo’s load height is 580mm on the L1 and 620mm on the L2, while load length is 1.78 metres, or 2.31 metres for the L2.

How big is a Vauxhall Astravan load box?

They all have good square load boxes too, so fairly big items will fit in the back. In comparison, the Astravan offers 1.58 cubic metres, but its load box is long and comparatively narrow. Load length is 1,787mm, load width is 1,348mm and load height is 1,175mm.

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