How can I apply for CDS 2 2021?

How can I apply for CDS 2 2021?

How to Apply for CDS 2 2021?

  1. Registration. Visit the official website of UPSC.
  2. Filling the application form. Now the candidate has to fill the application form by providing personal details, Educational, Address, and contact details like:
  3. Upload Documents.
  4. Pay application fee.

Can I apply for CDS 2?

To withdraw CDS (II) 2021 application form, candidates need to login with the registration ID. CDS II application form filling process closed on August 24. The registration process for CDS II 2021 started on August 4. Candidates could pay their application fees offline till August 23, 2021.

Who can apply for CDS 2 2020?

i.e. born not earlier than 2nd July, 1995 and not later than 1st July, 2001) only are eligible. Note: Candidate below 25 years of age must be unmarried. Marriage is not permitted during training.

How do I apply for CDS?

UPSC CDS II 2021: How to apply Visit the official site of UPSC on Click on UPSC CDS II 2021 link available on the home page. A new page will open where candidates will have to register themselves. Fill up the application form and make the payment of application fees.

What is the salary of a CDS officer?

CDS Pay Scale and Salary

Rank Level Pay Scale/ Salary
Lieutenant Level 10 INR 56,100 – 1,77,500
Captain Level 10 B INR 61,300 – 1,93,900
Major Level 11 INR 69,400 – 2,07,200
Lieutenant Colonel Level 12 A INR 1,21,200 – 2,12,400

Who are eligible for CDS exam?

Candidates who have settled in India permanently can apply for CDS Exam. Candidates must be graduate or at least appearing in the final year/semester. The minimum age limit is 19 to apply for the CDS 2021 Exam. Women candidates are only eligible to apply for OTA.

How many students appeared CDS 1 2020?

Looking at the previous CDS results, around 7000 to 9000 candidate only clear the CDS written exam….How many candidates clear the CDS exam?

Exam No. of candidates clear CDS written exam
CDS 1 2021 6552
CDS 2 2020 6727
CDS 1 2020 7081
CDS 2 2019 8120

Can average student crack CDS?

The entrance examination of the Defence Forces is known as CDS (Combined Defence Services). It is a very common conception that the CDS entrance examination can be cracked by only brilliant students. In fact, even average students can crack this examination with their dedication and hard work.

Which rank is given after CDS?

Promotional Avenues

Rank Min. Commissioned Service for Promotion
NDA Officer CDS Officer
Lieutenant Colonel 13 years 13 years
Colonel(Selection) 15 years 15 years
Colonel (Time Scale) 26 years 26 years
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