How can I pay my Sprint bill?

How can I pay my Sprint bill?

Any phone

  1. Call 800-784-2608 or *3 from your Sprint phone.
  2. Select option to Pay Using Automated Voice System.
  3. Enter your Sprint phone number.
  4. Follow the voice instructions to make a payment.

How do I pay my Sprint phone bill over the phone?

Pay by phone Dial *3 from your Sprint phone and follow the prompts. You can complete a payment free of charge in the automated system. If you exit the system and talk to a live agent to complete the payment, you’ll be charged a $10.00 support fee.

What forms of payment does Sprint accept?

We accept all major credit cards for online payment of your bills or for payment for online purchases of products. When paying your phone bill or equipment and service invoices, you also have the option to pay using e-Checking, an online check payment option.

Does tmobile accept cash?

You will be able to pay with cash or card in the store. If you wish to pay your bill online, you can save one bank account and one card number for bill pay use, but you can always use cash in the stores.

How do you call Sprint?

1 (888) 211-4727
Sprint Corporation/Customer service

Where do I send my Sprint payment?

If you don’t have a paper bill but still want to pay by check, just pull up your latest statement online and see what PO box they ask you to send it to. The most common Sprint PO boxes are PO Box 4191 Carol Stream, IL 60197 and PO Box 54977 Los Angeles, CA 90054.

Can I pay my Sprint bill with a gift card?

Can I pay with Visa gift cards at Sprint? Can I pay at using prepaid debit card, prepaid gift card, or Visa gift card? Yes, Sprint does accept debit & prepaid cards.

Can I pay my Sprint bill with a prepaid Visa?

Yup, you can pay in any of the channels. Online, store, cs, automated system.

Can you pay for a phone in cash?

If you’re ready to buy a new cellphone, you have a few general options: pay in cash, pay over a specified period with an installment plan, or charge the purchase to a credit card. Financing a cellphone purchase can be advantageous if you need time to pay, want to earn credit card rewards, or build your credit.

Where can I deposit money for cash app?

The Cash App can be loaded on Walmart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, 7-Eleven and CVS. Go to the cash counter and ask to put money in your card. For the purpose of loading your cash app card, you need to go to cash counter and ask the cashier to deposit money in your cash app account.

Where can I pay just energy bill?

Through Your Bank’s Online Bill Pay service (we accept the following Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex). Pay by cash at one of the Checkfree agent location in Wal-Mart , H-E-B , Kroger and more.

Where can I Pay my Sprint phone bill?

Local third party agents of Sprint can also accept bill payments, although additional service charges typically apply. Sprint’s official website features a store locator to help customers find the closest possible location that accepts bill payments, which includes third party agent listings.

How to cancel a scheduled payment to sprint?

Cancel Scheduled Payment Sprint 1 Click on My Account menu and select Payment Center. (You will be prompted to sign if you’re not already.) 2 Click the Remove link next to the scheduled payment that you want to cancel. 3 Follow the instructions on screen to save your changes. It may take 15 minutes for the changes to be reflected. See More….

Where can I find unlimited cell phone plans from sprint?

Shop for cell phones & wireless calling plans from Sprint. Switch to Sprint today and find great deals on unlimited data plans for the whole family. X Error error_messages.0.errorMessage

What kind of cell phone does sprint use?

Phones Budget-friendly phones Pre-owned phones Apple iPhone Android phones All phones More Watches Tablets Hotspots & Connected Devices Accessories

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