How do I check my RaceTrac gift card balance?

How do I check my RaceTrac gift card balance?

You can find out Race Trac card balance by online balance check, phone balance check, visit store counter/ help desk. If you have any questions please contact Guest Relations at 1-888-636-5589. Information for Race Trac gift card balance inquiry to see remaining balance and transactions.

Do RaceTrac rewards expire?

Any unused points expire after 36 months. RaceTrac may change, modify, suspend and/or eliminate this rewards program without notice.

Does RaceTrac gas station have a credit card?

RaceTrac also offers its loyal customers the opportunity to save on gas purchases if they register in RaceTrac Rewards program or pay with a regular gas rewards credit card that allows to earn rewards on each gas purchase. Apply for a gasoline rewards credit card online!

How do you use RaceTrac app?

How It Works

  1. Become a Rewards Member. Sign up is fast and easy.
  2. Select a Membership. Purchase a monthly paid RaceTrac Rewards VIP membership.
  3. Enter Phone Number/Scan App. Enter the phone number associated with your RaceTrac Rewards or scan your mobile app every time you fuel up.
  4. Save on Fuel.

How does RaceTrac debit card work?

The RaceTrac Rewards + Debit program offers guests the opportunity to earn points on their purchases and save 7 cents per gallon on fuel, all in a single swipe. Once the card is activated, you can swipe your card at the pump and in-store to earn Rewards points and start saving 7¢ per gallon.

Where can RaceTrac gift cards be used?

Gift cards can be redeemed at any RaceTrac location. Visit for all store locations.

Is RaceTrac VIP worth it?

Current RaceTrac Rewards members can upgrade their memberships to RaceTrac Rewards VIP. This is a great asset for any loyalty program because it provides your members the flexibility to move from a free offering to a premium loyalty program.

Can you pay with your phone at RaceTrac?

You can also use the Mobile App to pay for purchases by registering a RaceTrac gift card to your Mobile App account. You can purchase a gift card (“Gift Card”), register an existing Gift Card, and reload a Gift Card, all through your Mobile App.

Does RaceTrac give free coffee?

Because essential businesses and the people who staff them are so critical to our communities, RaceTrac is extending its longstanding policy of free “Crazy Good” coffee and fountain beverages for First Responders in uniform (limit one per day).

What credit cards does RaceTrac accept?

Which credit cards does RaceTrac accept? All RaceTrac locations accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, WEX, Voyager, Debit and EBT (EBT not accepted at RaceWay locations).

How does RaceTrac save money on gas?

Saving on fuel through RaceTrac Rewards VIP is easy. RaceTrac Rewards VIP members can simply enter the phone number tied to their RaceTrac Rewards account at the pump or when paying in-store. Upon payment, members will see the fuel prices on the pump roll back before their eyes.

Where do I Find my Gift Card balance on RaceTrac?

Tap the Gift Card button at the bottom of the home screen, or tap Pay from the Checkout screen to see your available gift cards. Tap any gift card to see the gift card’s bar code and current balance. How do I earn points?

Do you get free drinks with RaceTrac rewards?

Reap the rewards of a free monthly, weekly or daily drink indefinitely. You’ve earned it! RaceTrac may change, modify, suspend and/or eliminate this rewards program without notice. How do I add gift cards to the app? Tap on the Gift Card button at the bottom of the home screen. Follow instructions on that screen to load up your gift cards!

What can I do with my RaceTrac points?

You can use any points you’ve earned to redeem FREE items at RaceTrac stores. To see what you can redeem, tap the “REDEEM POINTS” button on your home screen. From there, you can choose from eligible items. After you’ve selected the items you want to redeem, they’ll get added to your Rewards Card.

Can you use a RaceTrac debit card at a gas station?

The RaceTrac Debit Card is an easy way to pay and save 7¢ on every gallon at RaceTrac. By linking your checking account to your RaceTrac Debit card, you’ll have the benefit of paying quickly, safely, and securely without annual fees or finance charges.

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