How do I connect my Sonos Bridge?

How do I connect my Sonos Bridge?

Connect the BRIDGE to your router using an Ethernet cable (supplied). Place other Sonos products in the room of your choice. Download and install the Sonos app and then follow the prompts to set up your Sonos system. Once you’ve set up your music system, you can add additional Sonos products any time.

Does Sonos Bridge need to be connected to router?

Sonos just announced a firmware update that eliminates the need for the Bridge, which had to be physically connected to a router with an Ethernet cable for any Sonos system to work. Now, you can connect to one or more Sonos speakers directly via Wi-Fi, with no hard-wired connection.

How do I connect Sonos to existing system?


  1. Open the Sonos app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. From the Settings tab, tap System > Add Product.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to add your product to your system.

Does the Sonos Bridge still work?

Although the Bridge still works — and although it will until May 2020 at least — it is no longer mandatory. Nowadays, Sonos users have two alternative options, neither of which involves a Bridge. Use a wireless setup if your home has a good WiFi network that reaches all the rooms where you want Sonos.

Is Sonos Connect obsolete?

Sonos has today announced that this coming May it will end ongoing support for a number of its older products. These products include the popular Connect, Connect:Amp and original Play:5 (the full list of affected products is below). The good news is that these ‘legacy’ Sonos products will not suddenly stop working.

Can I use a Sonos Bridge as a repeater?

A surround-sound system using a Playbar and other Sonos speakers can operate only on Sonos’ proprietary mesh network. And there’s no need to toss your existing Bridge; it can be redeployed elsewhere on your network as a wireless bridge/repeater (all it needs is electrical power).

Can I connect Sonos to my receiver?

The Sonos Port can be hooked up to your receiver and will turn your stereo into full-fledged wireless Sonos streaming system. If you have traditional audio equipment, like a receiver and a pair of bookshelf speakers, and you want to integrate it into your existing Sonos system, you want to buy the Sonos Port ($449).

How do I connect two phones to Sonos?

You can add a family member to your Sonos on your Android or iOS device following these steps:

  1. Open Sonos.
  2. From the Settings tab, tap Services & Voice.
  3. Under Music & Content, tap Add a Service.
  4. Click on Add to Sonos, then select I already have an account.
  5. Click on Authorize, then enter the credentials of the Admin account.

What do I do with my old Sonos Bridge?

Instead of bringing in old products and refurbishing or reselling them, Sonos tells users to bring them to an e-waste center or send it back to Sonos for component recycling. In recent days, however, Sonos quietly removed the recycle mode option from its app, replacing it with a prompt to call customer service.

Does Sonos Bridge still work?

Does Sonos Bridge light up?

The indicator lights flash green and white while the BRIDGE is connecting. You may be prompted to update your Sonos system during this process. If you are using the SONOS BRIDGE to extend the wireless network in your house, locate the BRIDGE wherever you want additional wireless coverage.

Can I connect Sonos to Yamaha receiver?

Simply hook the Sonos Connect to your Yamaha receiver, select the appropriate input on the receiver, and boom, you have complete control of that zone with your mobile device controller!

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