How do I enable badges in Moodle?

How do I enable badges in Moodle?

If course badges have been enabled in Administration > Site administration > Badges > Badges settings then a teacher can add badges from Administration > Course administration > Badges > Add a new badge.

Where do I find my Moodle badges?

Users may manage their site and external badges by clicking on Navigation>My profile>My badges. From here, they can view, search for and download badges.

How do you manually award a badge in Moodle?

Badges may be awarded manually from Administration > Course administration > Badges > Manage badges > Recipients and clicking the “Award badge” button.

How do Moodle badges work?

Normally badges are awarded to users automatically based on their actions in the system. The completion criteria of an active badge are re-calculated every time an event such as completion of a course or activity, or updating user profile happens.

How do I change my Moodle badges?

Users may manage their site and external badges by clicking on the user menu top right > Preferences > Badges > Manage badges.

How many types of badges can you have in your Moodle site?

two categories
There are two categories of badges: Site badges – available to users site-wide and related to the site wide activities, like finishing a set of courses. Course badges – available to users enrolled in the course and related to the activities that happen inside the course.

How do I add a certificate plugin to Moodle?

Go to your Moodle, and click on the Notifications link in the Site administration. Moodle knows something has been added and it will proceed to install the certificate module.

How do I hide badges in Moodle?

Badges are enabled by default and can be disabled in Administration>Site administration>Advanced features. (Note that disabling the feature once badges have been awarded does not prevent those badges being verified by external backpacks.)

What is Moodle competency?

Competencies describe the level of understanding or proficiency of a learner in certain subject-related skills. From Moodle 3.1 upwards, it is possible to create and apply frameworks for evaluating students against competencies in Moodle.

What are Apple badges?

Answer: A: The iPhone uses badges to indicate that a new message, email, push notification, or voicemail is waiting. Each app with new unread information has a white number with a red background in the upper right hand corner of the app icon. This is a badge.

How do I hide participants in Moodle?


  1. Click on Participants (left menu) → Gear icon (top right) → Permissions.
  2. In the Filter textbox enter the words “View participants”. A single row of permissions should be displayed.
  3. Click on the trashcan next to all the student roles to remove the ability to see the participants listing.

Can Moodle generate certificate?

Site-wide certificates can be created in Moodle Workplace, and certificates can be shared among tenants. The certificate is based on the Moodle custom certificate plug-in, but with added capabilities relevant to workplace tenants, and a completely redesigned interface.

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