How do I fill out No 28 form NOC?

How do I fill out No 28 form NOC?

How to fill RTO Form 28 Application?

  1. In the top left-hand of the RTO Form 28, mention RTO address from where you want the NOC.
  2. Write the name, address, and state of individuals who wish to buy your automobile in the next space.
  3. Enter your name, address and father’s name in point 1 and 2.

What is the form number 28?

What is Form 28? In order to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the registering authority, you will have to download and fill Form 28. This form confirms that there are no pending taxes, Challans, criminal records, or any kind of liabilities on the vehicle that can stop you from selling it.

How can I get NOC in Maharashtra?

First you need to get No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the RTO where the Vehicle is already registered.

  1. Apply for NOC where the vehicle is registered with the following documents: Four copies of Form 28 with Chasis number pencil print and one court fee stamp of Rs 4.
  2. After few days you will get your NOC from the RTO.

How long does it take to get a NOC?

Process for NOC of vehicle takes approx. 3-4 weeks time. If there is signature mismatch or proper document is not there , it may take extra time and visit.

How to apply for property certificate in Maharashtra?

Maps and related forms are also available. Apply for Property Card Certificate in Maharashtra provided by the Revenue Department of the state. Information about documents required and guidelines to fill the form is given. Users can download the form and use it further.

When do you need a No Objection Certificate?

A NOC or No Objection Certificate is a document that is used when a seller wishes to re-register his vehicle in another state or stands as proof that there are no dues pending on the vehicle during the time of selling.

What is the process to obtain a fire NOC in Maharashtra?

According to the provisions of the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act, 2006, to obtain a building plan approval from the Maharashtra Urban Development Authority, a Fire License or No-Objection Certificate is required.

Which is application form for assessment list extract in Maharashtra?

Downloadable forms of the State Election Commission of Maharashtra. Users can download application forms for various services such as inclusion of name in electoral roll, objecting inclusion or seeking deletion of name in electoral roll, correction to particular entered in electoral roll, transposition of entry in electoral roll, etc.

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