How do I find out my Neopets birthday?

How do I find out my Neopets birthday?

Look up your pet’s profile. (You can do this either through quick-ref or by looking up your pet’s name in the search box.) Find the part that mentions your pets age in days. Write down that number, or you can just check back later if you don’t have a pen and paper handy and you forget the number.

Is my Neopets account deleted?

Try searching the username or any of your pets’ names in the searchbar and see if anything comes up. If you get a result, even if it says the account was frozen, then the account still exists. If you don’t get anything back at all (“this username does not exist”, etc), then the account has been purged/deleted.

How do I access my old Neopets account?

Recovering Your Account You’ll need to e-mail the Neopets Support Team and ask to recover the account. You can contact them directly at [email protected] There used to be a ticket system, but it’s currently unavailable, so e-mail is the only method of contacting the Neopets Team.

Do you get anything on your birthday on Neopets?

In the week leading up to Neopets’ birthday, an item giveaway was held. Each day, your average party-goer would have three glittery, brightly-coloured gift boxes to choose from. Clicking on a gift box would give Neopoints, a regular birthday item, or an exclusive 10th Birthday item.

How do I recover my old Neopets account?

How do I recover my Neopets account without birthday?

Getting into your old account without birthday

  1. Log out.
  2. Go to , and click on ‘My Support’.
  3. Log in with the UN / ‘word’ that you lost your birthday to.

Why is my Neopets account frozen?

Being frozen means that the account is permanently unable to be used to play Neopets. Generally, accounts are frozen because the user who used account has broken Neopets website rules or terms and conditions, was determined to be hacked by an outside user, or was manually requested to be suspended by a user.

How do I contact Neopets support?

Need to contact our support team to solve an issue? Please email us at [email protected] After emailing you should receive a ticket number. Provide that number here and we can locate the request and follow up with our support team.

How do I unfreeze my Neopets account?

Step 1: Click “contact us” on the bottom of any Neopets page. This will redirect you to the Neopets Help Centre. Step 2: “Click on “Submit a Ticket.” Step 3: Under issue type, select “Frozen Accounts” and the form will appear.

How do I recover my Neopets account?

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