How do I find property lines in Ottawa?

How do I find property lines in Ottawa?

The City of Ottawa does not regulate property lines, it is managed by the province. To determine the location of a property’s lot line, consult a copy of a registered survey of the property. When a house is purchased, the new homeowner’s lawyer usually provides a copy if it exists.

How accurate is geoOttawa?

It’s definitely quite accurate!

What is geoOttawa?

geoOttawa is the City of Ottawa’s interactive web mapping application. This tool allows you to view many different layers of information on the map such as LRT2 location, parks, schools, city facilities, property parcels, zoning, and air photos dating back to 1958.

What is considered Ottawa area?

The Greater Ottawa Region covers the municipalities bordering the Ottawa River from Stewartville in the west to Hawkesbury in the east and north of Highway 43. At the centre of this region is the Ottawa Area, comprising the City of Ottawa, including Kanata, Nepean and Orleans.

How close to property line can I build a fence Ottawa?

In Ottawa, residential properties are permitted to have a 1 metre fence in the front yard and 2.13 metres in any other yard on their property. Non-residential properties can go as high as 3 meters, measured from the grade at the base of the fence to the top.

How high can a fence be Ottawa?

Fences. Fences are regulated by the City of Ottawa’s Fence By-law. The By-law states that no person may erect a fence taller than 1 metre in a front yard and 2.13 metres in any other yard in a residential property. There are also regulations that govern the size of gates, archways and decorative caps.

How close to property line can I build a fence in Ottawa?

What is Dr zoning Ottawa?

DR – Development Reserve Zone (Sections 237 and 238) limit the range of permitted uses to those which will not preclude future development options; and. impose regulations which ensure a low scale and intensity of development to reflect the characteristics of existing land uses.

What is geo Ottawa?

The tool lets you apply different layers of map information to find almost anything you might think of: Search a property by address and produce a property report with list size, ward information and more.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Ottawa?

Most Neighbourhoods Affordable for Median Incomes

  • 3 – Nepean.
  • 4 – Kanata.
  • 5 – Ottawa East.
  • 1 – Ottawa West Centretown.
  • 2 – Ottawa Central.
  • 3 – Ottawa West. Average home price: $533,758 (+7% y-o-y)
  • 4 – Stittsville. Average home price: $459,248 (+5% y-o-y)
  • 4 – Ottawa South. Average home price: $441,046 (+4% y-o-y)

Do you need a permit to build a fence Ottawa?

Do I need a permit? A building permit is not required to build or replace your fence, however, you are required to comply with the Fence By-law 2003-462.

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