How do I get evidence against Benny?

How do I get evidence against Benny?

Speak to Swank at the reception desk when first entering The Tops Casino. Present a combination of 3 Speech checks(15/30/45)/pieces of evidence and Swank will distract Benny to let you search his room for evidence. Confront Benny on the Casino floor.

What happens if you help Benny in Fallout New Vegas?

Sparing Benny will cause Caesar and his praetorian guard to become hostile, leading to a very difficult fight. If the Courier kills Benny (when he is tied up in the tent) before they take the quest, Caesar and his guards will also become hostile.

Can you get Benny as a companion?

After freeing Benny at the Fort, you can find him at the 188 Trading Post (which seemed to me the closest safe zone to the Fort). After your initial conversation with him, he automatically becomes a companion.

How do you seduce Benny?

use a [Black Widow] perk to seduce Benny; [Speech 65] agree but only if Benny go with you right away.

How do you get the platinum chip without killing Benny?

Another way to obtain 2 platinum chips is to go to the Fort without encountering Benny at the Tops. Speak with Caesar, he will give the player a Platinum Chip so one can destroy (or not) Mr. House’s bunker.

Should I give the chip to Mr House?

Or, you can simply refuse to give the Platinum Chip to Mr. House, which is precisely what we did. Keep in mind that if you choose to do this, all of the robots everywhere in the casino will turn on you. This will also seal off the entire The House Always Wins quest sequence.

How do you get the chip from Benny?

The platinum chip can be obtained by killing Benny. It is also possible to obtain the chip by either working with or killing Caesar.

Can you pickpocket the platinum chip off Benny?

Who should I give the platinum chip to?

You can give Mr. House the Platinum Chip you acquired from Benny, if you’d like. You can even do that while getting more and more Bottle Caps from Mr. House for your hard work.

What happens if you don’t give the chip to Mr House?

Upon refusing to give Mr. House the Platinum Chip, you’ve basically sealed his fate. There’s no turning back now. It’s important to note that if you turn hostile with Mr.

Who is Benny from Fallout New Vegas in real life?

Benny is the head of the Chairmen of New Vegas in 2281. He is the brains behind a complex scheme to usurp control of New Vegas from Mr. House and serves as a secondary antagonist in Fallout: New Vegas . Benny was a member of the tribal gang called the Mojave Boot-Riders before Mr. House took over Vegas.

Where can I find evidence against Benny for Swank?

The question I have pertains to finding evidence against Benny for Swank, the 2nd in command of the Chairmen. I have found the disntictive cigarette butts near Courier’s grave in the Goodsprings Cemetery and I have recovered Bennys lighter from the Khans in Boulder City.

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Where did Benny find the Courier in Fallout?

Using Yes Man, Benny was able to discover the route the Courier would take, and hired Jessup, McMurphy and Chance to help him finish the job. The Courier was bound, gagged, shot in the head, buried in an unmarked grave at Goodsprings Cemetery, and left for dead.

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