How do you beat the insaniquarium challenge in tank 4?

How do you beat the insaniquarium challenge in tank 4?

Tank 4

  1. Turn Presto into Shrapnel to earn money at the start quickly, until you have 3 breeders.
  2. Turn Presto into Zorf to feed your increasing population until you can upgrade food.
  3. When the first aliens come, turn Presto into Gumbo and keep all your fish alive.
  4. When they die, turn Presto into Meryl.

How do you get sandbox mode in Insaniquarium Deluxe?

Sandbox mode can be accessed after earning either the Silver Trophy or the Gold Trophy from Challenge Mode. Entering the “Konami Code” at the main menu screen will bring the player to Sandbox Mode.

How do I use AMP insaniquarium?

Behavior. Amp swims around the tank in a slithering motion. He periodically charges up with electricity and players can click on Amp three times in order to discharge him, shocking every guppy in the tank to death. For every electrocuted guppy, a diamond will come out of them to be collected.

How do you cheat on insaniquarium?

Cheat List

  1. Code: Effect.
  2. zombie: all fish “look” dead.
  3. space: background is now “space”
  4. void: background is now a blank white screen.
  5. welovebetatesters: changes Breeder fish’s birth noise.
  6. supermegaultra: changes preggo’s birth noise.
  7. time: displays time on a tank.
  8. wavy: tank background waves.

How do you beat baddie in Insaniquarium?

Instead, you defeat him by feeding him fish food until he bursts. Anything edible can damage him, including your fishes, fish food and even star potions. He is the third alien encountered in the game.

What’s the best strategy for the Insaniquarium challenge?

An easy strategy is to have 2 star guppies for the first starcatcher, then 1 for every next starcatcher. You should finish in 9-12 minutes, depending on your luck and skill. 3 pets: 4 attempts, 10 minutes on 3 attempts, 11 minutes on 1. 4 pets: 2 attempts, 7 minutes on 1, 6 on the other.

What do you do with your pets in Insaniquarium?

Pets: Presto, Gumbo, Prego and, if you have the 4 pets limit, Stanley. Use Presto as Shrapnel most of the time, except when the aliens attack and when you have a lot of money to collect and a lot of fish to feed. When the aliens come: If Psychosquid (type P) attacks, turn Presto into Itchy or Gash in advanced difficulties.

How to get the ultimate Insaniquarium on Steam?

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Why was Insaniquarium Deluxe removed from the community?

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