How do you enable Excel add-in registry?

How do you enable Excel add-in registry?

Click Add-Ins. Under Manage, click Excel Add ins, and then click Go. In the Add-Ins dialog box, click Automation. In the list of registered COM servers, click your Automation Add-in, and then click OK.

Where are Excel Add-Ins stored in registry?

What Add-ins are available

  • The Add-ins folder: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns. or altenatively:
  • The registry. For Add-ins in a different location from the ones shown above, Excel will look in the registry. Keys are added there when you click the browse button to locate an Add-in.

How do I register my VSTO add-in?

To load a VSTO Add-in manually, select the check box next to the VSTO Add-in in the COM Add-Ins dialog box in the application. To load a VSTO Add-in programmatically, set the Connect property of the COMAddIn object that represents the VSTO Add-in to true.

Why are my Excel Add-Ins not working?

If the add-in is not enabled, please do so by clicking on the checkbox. If so, select it and hit Enable to see if the add-in now appears in the application. Path: Outlook/Word/PowerPoint/Excel > File > Options > Add-ins > Disabled Items > GO.

What is Regedit load behavior?

Load Behaviour: This registry setting determines how the add-in is loaded in the application. To do this, open your Windows Start menu and type “regedit”. In the Registry, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Office > Word > Addins >EndNote.

How do you remove Excel Add-ins registry?

2 Answers

  1. Open Excel, go to File >Options>Add-Ins.
  2. In the Manage box, click COM Add-ins, and then click Go. The COM Add-Ins dialog box appears.
  3. Then click the COM add-in’s name that you want to delete in the Add-ins available box, and then click Remove.

How do I publish an addin in Word?

Click on Add-Ins option from Project Type section, choose Office Add-In and press the Create Project button.

  1. Enter details about your product.
  2. Select a distribution type.
  3. Set project and package paths.
  4. Select the type of Add-In you want to deploy.
  5. Select the location of the Add-in resource files.

Where do addins for office programs may be registered?

If you are not modifying the correct registry data (because you do not realize you are running 32-bit Office on a 64-bit version of Windows), then your changes will not change the add-in behavior. COM add-ins register themselves in the Windows Registry under either the HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hives.

Where to find Microsoft Word COM add-in registry?

I have some COM add-ins in Outlook/Word that I’m trying to manually configure in registry, but I am unable to locate the corresponding entries. According to, they should be located at

How to register an office add-in in Excel?

How your Office add-in is registered 1 Specifying the assembly to register. 2 Registration-time privileges. 3 CLR version to use while registering. 4 Creating an instance of the add-in module. 5 Registering. 6 Running the registration code. 7 Get details about add-in registration/unregistration. 8 Exit code.

Where do I find add in for Microsoft Office?

If you have a 32-bit version of Office installed on a 64-bit version of Windows, add-ins that are registered under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE will be registered under the \\Wow6432Node subkey. For example: This is important to remember if you are troubleshooting problems in your Office programs and you need to disable add-ins.

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