How do you make a jumper in geometry dash?

How do you make a jumper in geometry dash?

After the first ship sequence and after passing beneath a second overhead spike, slide down and jump twice up onto a ledge, then once up onto a suspended column and again to collect the coin before returning to the main route.

When did jumper geometry dash come out?

Jumper was composed by Waterflame in 2005, released in 2008, and is one of Waterflame’s most popular songs with 5 million YouTube views.

What is the geometry dash song called?

Titled “Secret song by MDK” in the video description.

Who is the CEO of RobTop Games?

Robert Nicholas Christian Topala
Robert Nicholas Christian Topala (born February 23, 1987), also referred to as RobTop, jokingly as RubRub and as Zhenmuron on Reddit and formerly Newgrounds, is a Swedish game developer and the founder of RobTop Games.

Who composed geometry dash?

Robert Topala
Geometry Dash is a series of music platforming video games developed by Swedish developer Robert Topala, also known as RobTop….

Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash icon
Genre(s) Runner, music, platformer
Developer(s) Robert Topala
Publisher(s) RobTop Games

What is jumper geometry?

Jumper is the seventh level of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Lite and the first level with a Harder difficulty.

Can I run Geometry Dash?

To play Geometry Dash you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz . You will need at least 100 MB of free disk space to install Geometry Dash. Geometry Dash will run on PC system with Windows XP and upwards. Additionally it has a Mac version.

Is Geometry Dash safe?

Geometry Dash is a maze game that is safe for kids of all ages. This app is safe for kids of all ages but is recommended for children four years old and older as it involves hand eye coordination and understanding of depth perception.

Is Geometry Dash free?

Geometry Dash is a free rhythm-based action platformer game that is played by jumping and flying through obstacles. People can tap on their touchscreen; press the up, down, and spacebar keys on a keyboard; left click a mouse; and push the A button on a controller to play.

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