How do you preserve fresh basil with salt?

How do you preserve fresh basil with salt?

In a clean glass jar add a layer of salt to cover the bottom. Add herb leaves in layers, alternating with the salt, until the container is full. Refrigerate. The leaves will stay surprisingly fresh and flavorful for months.

How long does basil salt last?

Once dry, the basil salt should still be green, but a lighter shade than when you first started. Break apart any clumps with a wooden spoon or fork and store the finished salt in an airtight container (I prefer glass jars) in your pantry. For best flavor, consume within 3 months.

Can you dry herbs in salt?

In a clean glass jar add a layer of salt to cover the bottom. Clean, wash and dry the herbs, remove all the thick stems and discard them. Add the herbs in layers, alternating with salt, until the container is full. They should be packed as much as you can, making sure there is enough salt to cover them.

Can I freeze fresh basil?

ANSWER: Yes, you can freeze fresh basil leaves, but they just need a little help. Basil is a particularly delicate herb because it hates the cold and darkens when cut. Keep in mind any fresh herbs that you freeze will not be entirely the same as fresh. Freezing will change the texture and it won’t be as stable.

Is it better to freeze or dry basil?

You can dry it or freeze it, but freezing retains the fresh taste better. Before you start, wash basil in cold water and dry; a salad spinner works well for this step.

What can I do with too much basil?

Here are some other everyday ways to use it:

  1. Top whole leaves onto pizza.
  2. Finish pasta with whole or thinly sliced leaves.
  3. Blend it into sauces.
  4. Puree it into soups.
  5. Chop it up to add to a salad.
  6. Use it to garnish avocado toast.
  7. Turn it into an ice cream topping!

What’s the best way to dry herbs?

Drying is the easiest method of preserving herbs. Simply expose the leaves, flowers or seeds to warm, dry air. Leave the herbs in a well ventilated area until the moisture evaporates. Sun drying is not recommended because the herbs can lose flavor and color.

Can I put basil in the fridge?

Store the basil leaves like salad greens. Pick, wash, and dry the leaves, then store in the fridge wrapped in a dry paper towel and sealed in a plastic bag. This baggie will be the basil’s home for the next several days.

How do you store fresh basil leaves?

Fresh basil leaves should be layered in damp paper towels inside a plastic bag and refrigerated up to 4 days. For basil with stalks attached, place in a glass of water and cover with a plastic bag secured to the glass.

What is the best way to preserve Basil?

One of the easiest ways to preserve basil is to freeze the basil leaves. You can simply freeze the whole basil leaves or chop them and store in a container or freezer bag, but keep in mind that they might shrink a little. You can also try blanching them:

How do you freeze basil leaves?

How to Freeze Basil: To preserve some of the appealing green color when freezing whole leaves, steam them, pat dry and freeze in a single layer on a baking sheet. Once frozen, the leaves can be transferred to a freezer bag (get as much air out of the bag as possible) and stored for about 6 months.

How do you freeze Basil in olive oil?

How to freeze fresh basil Wash and pat dry your fresh basil Separate the leaves from the stem Chop up your fresh basil leaves into tiny little pieces Place your basil into an ice cube tray (I use this one). Pour a high-quality olive oil leaving a little space for expansion after freezing. After a few hours, they’ll be ready. Use within a few months.

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