How do you treat diabetic toenails?

How do you treat diabetic toenails?

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  1. Wash and Dry Your Feet Daily.
  2. Check Your Feet Every Day.
  3. Take Care of Your Toenails.
  4. Be Careful When Exercising.
  5. Protect Your Feet With Shoes and Socks.
  6. Make Sure Your Shoes Fit.
  7. Good Shoe Choices.
  8. Diabetic Socks.

Can diabetes affect your toe nails?

People with diabetes are more likely than those without diabetes to get a fungal infection called onychomycosis. This infection usually affects the toenails. The nails will turn yellow and become brittle.

What happens if a diabetic gets a cut on their foot?

Foot wounds must not be ignored by those of us with diabetes as there are very serious consequences if foot wounds do not heal properly. A wound which does not heal properly and is left exposed may form a foot ulcer which further raises the risk of an infection occurring.

Why shouldn’t diabetics cut their toenails?

Although a nice, rounded cut is often preferred over a square clipping, diabetics must be careful making curved clips. Cutting too far into the corners of your toenails can lead to the formation of ingrown nails, oftentimes leading to an infection.

Do diabetics bleed easily?

One reason why people with diabetes can suffer more damage during strokes has been discovered by US scientists. The study on rats, published in Nature Medicine, found a protein which increased bleeding when blood sugar levels are high. Elevated sugar levels have been linked to at least one in ten strokes.

What are the symptoms of a diabetic foot?

Looking for Diabetic Foot Problems. The most common indication of a foot problem in the diabetic is swelling, redness and inflammation. These can start with a common sprain, bruise, ill-fitting shoes, swollen feet, localized warmth of the skin, cuts or wounds that do not heal, fever and chills and red streaks that emanate from a wound.

What is diabetic foot care?

Good foot care for diabetics includes a daily change of clean, dry socks for your feet. You may want to invest in socks that are made specifically for diabetics . These types of socks have extra cushioning and are made using fibers that keep moisture away from your skin.

What is diabetic nail care?

Diabetic nail care is crucial to avoid nail deterioration and fungal infections. Specialists offer diabetic nail care tips for people diagnosed with diabetes to maintain their nails healthy. It is vital for people with diabetes to learn how to take care of their nails. Nails are important to protect your fingers and toes from trauma and injury.

What is a diabetic foot?

Diabetic foot. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A diabetic foot is a foot that exhibits any pathology that results directly from diabetes mellitus or any long-term (or “chronic”) complication of diabetes mellitus.

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