How do you write a text dependent analysis?

How do you write a text dependent analysis?

Explain Evidence – In your own words, explain how the text from the passage provides evidence to support the example in your topic sentence. Infer – Use the evidence, combined with your own information or logic, to provide a new idea about why the example you provided matters to the prompt.

What is a text dependent analysis for kids?

What is Text Dependent Analysis. Text Dependent Analysis and Text Dependent Questions ask questions that force students to synthesize answers based on specific evidence within a reading passage and demonstrate their ability to interpret the meaning behind that evidence.

What is the format of a text dependent analysis prompt?

The writing prompt will be a “text-dependent analysis” (or TDA) item. This type of item requires that students read a piece of text or passage and draw upon that text for their written responses—e.g., support their responses with evidence from the text.

How do you teach text dependent questions?


  1. Read the questions thoroughly to understand the important words. Underline the keywords.
  2. Answer the questions using prior knowledge and inferences/predictions.
  3. Find evidence in the text to support your thoughts and opinions.
  4. Explain in great detail by paraphrasing and directly quoting areas of the text.

What does text dependent mean?

TEXT DEPENDENT QUESTIONS require students to provide evidence directly from the text in their answers to questions. Students can also ask text dependent questions as a way to critically examine a text. Questions can be asked and answered during or after reading.

How you will use text dependent writing in your classroom?

Creating Text-Dependent Questions

  1. requires the student to read the text;
  2. gives an opportunity to determine the meaning of academic vocabulary;
  3. allows students to make inferences from the text;
  4. aligns the question with the standard; and.
  5. enables students to acquire knowledge as a result of the question.

What comes first in a TDA?

Begin by reading, and rereading, the given prompt. Include titles of the texts. Explain the topic of the essay in one sentence – this is a thesis statement. Use words and phrases from the prompt to write the introduction.

How long is a text dependent response?

Use their best writing skills to form an essay (up to 5000 characters.) Directions have been written into the test administration script that TAs read to the class to remind students what the TDA is and understand what is being asked of them. The time suggested for scheduling purposes by DRC is 40- 60 minutes.

What is the purpose of text dependent questions?

TEXT DEPENDENT QUESTIONS require students to provide evidence directly from the text in their answers to questions. In order to ask these types of questions, teachers must have read the text in advance.

Why is it important to be able to answer text dependent analysis questions?

Write text-dependent questions that engage students in interpretive tasks. Lead rich and rigorous conversations, through the use of text-dependent questions, that keep students engaged with the text’s deeper meaning. Ensure reading activities stay closely connected to the text.

What is a text dependent question?

Simply said, text dependent questions are those which can only be answered using evidence from the text. These types of questions are critical in a close reading lesson because they require students to read and reread the text in order to answer the question successfully.

What is a TDA essay?

Many states have adopted a TDA (Text Dependent Analysis) style assessment for the writing component of their state test. This type of writing style requires students to read a text or passage and use actual text to support their answers, citing specific evidence directly from the text.

What is a TDA in school?

The Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) is the national agency and recognised sector body responsible for the training and development of the school workforce. Our guiding vision is: developing people, improving young lives.

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