How does a sump work on a fish tank?

How does a sump work on a fish tank?

Sumps work by having water drain down from the main aquarium via a weir and overflow section and into the sump. The water then passes through the filtration in the sump before being pumped back up to the main aquarium. The circulation of water never stops providing the ‘Return Pump’ is operating.

How do I set up an aquarium sump?

How to Correctly Set Up a Sump

  1. Place your overflow skimmer that will supply your sump in an area that is away from décor, feeding zones or any fish hiding places.
  2. Connect tubing between overflow skimmer to sump inflow.
  3. Setup your return hoses from the sump pump to return water from the sump to the tank.

Do you need an aquarium sump?

The answer is no, sumps are not an absolute necessity for a saltwater fish tank. There are many aquariums that are very beautiful and thriving without sumps integrated into their reef aquarium setup. I love reading through the various online forums for saltwater aquariums.

What is the purpose of an aquarium sump?

It is found mainly in a reef aquarium or marine aquarium. The sump sits below the main tank, and is used as a filter, as well as a holding place for unsightly, miscellaneous equipment such as protein skimmers, calcium reactors, and heaters.

Can you have a sump without drilling the tank?

No. You can get an overflow box that draws a siphon up and over the edge of your tank. You will need a pump to push the return back up to your display tank.

Does a sump replace filter?

A sump isn’t actually a filter, it just houses the filtration system of your choosing. You have to install a circulation pump inside of the sump if it is submersible or plum it adjacent to the sump if it isn’t submersible. If you do it this way, the pump can run constantly. …

What is the purpose of an aquarium?

a·quar·i·um. A tank, bowl, or other container filled with water for keeping and displaying fish or other aquatic animals and plants. Aquarium. a place for keeping fish; a collection of tanks for fish, hence, the fish themselves collectively—Wilkes.

What are aquarium sumps?

An aquarium sump is an additional tank or vessel that is commonly installed in the aquarium stand. Extra space for larger filtration equipment, keeping equipment from being seen in the display tank, and adding additional water volume are some of the great benefits of installing an aquarium sump.

What is an aquarium refugium?

A refugium is a section in your sump that is reserved as a safe space for micro fauna and macro algae in your aquarium in saltwater tanks and a safe spot for live plants in a freshwater tank. The advantages of a refugium are several:

What is a sump tank?

Sump (aquarium) In fishkeeping, a sump is an accessory aquarium tank in which mechanical equipment is kept. A remote sump allows for a clutter-free display tank. It is found mainly in a reef aquarium or marine aquarium .

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