How good are Maxxis Bighorn tires?

How good are Maxxis Bighorn tires?

They are an excellent all around choice for all types of terrain (especially rocky trails). They run pretty darn smooth on the pavement too. 5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best all around ATV/UTV tires. I’ve been a fan of the original Maxxis Big Horn tires for a long time.

How long do Maxxis Bighorn tires last?

Maxxis Bighorns Regarding tire wear, they are long-lasting, extremely durable, and offer good puncture resistance because of their thick sidewalls. Don’t be surprised if you run them 1-2000 miles before seeing any noticeable sign of wear. Some users report having a lot of tire tread left even after 5000 miles or more.

How much air should be in Maxxis Bighorn tires?

7 to 8 psi!

Are Maxxis Bighorn tires directional?

The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tire has deep channels to displace dirt, mud and sand easily while allowing the diagonal-shaped tread to grip. The front tires are now directional, so you can only run them one way for proper traction. The lugs are still spaced out well for all types of terrain and great tread clean-out.

When should I change my Maxxis Bighorn tires?

It is time to replace your UTV or ATV tires when the tread gets low enough to affect tire performance. While that is mostly preference, you should look for things like cracks, punctures, damage, and uneven wear before each ride.

What kind of tire does Maxxis Bighorn use?

With their 6-ply rating and radial construction the Bighorn wears like iron while still giving you a smooth ride. When you do hit the rough stuff, the excellent tread pattern easily manages any obstacle while the extra tread lugs on the shoulder keep damage away from the sidewall and rim.

How big is a bighorn 2.0 ATV tire?

Bighorn 2.0 ATV Tire Specs Tire Size Weight 23×8-12 15.3 23×10-12 19.6 24×8-12 16.2 25×8-12 18.4

How tall is a 28×10 R12 tire?

What is the actual height of 28x10x14? Best Answer: True Height is 28″, Width is 10.2″, Thread Depth 27/32″, Weight 27.2 lbs. The 28×10-14 should cause no fitment issues on your machine. What is the correct tire pressure for 25×10 R12 tires?

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