How high is the dune of Pyla?

How high is the dune of Pyla?

Dune of Pilat/Elevation

How long does it take to climb Dune du Pilat?

Take your time! You should allow at least 1 hour to see the dune. You will also need time for walking from the car park to the foot of the dune (approx. 400 m).

Is there a desert in France?

The Great Dune of Pyla, located 60km from Bordeaux in the Arcachon Bay area, France, happens to be the tallest sand dune in Europe. Because of the dune’s unexpected location and beauty, it is a famous tourist destination with more than one million visitors per year. …

Where the sand dunes are found?

Dunes are found wherever loose sand is windblown: in deserts, on beaches, and even on some eroded and abandoned farm fields in semiarid regions, such as northwest India and parts of the southwestern United States.

Where is the Dune de Pyla in France?

This colossal sand dune (sometimes referred to as the Dune de Pyla because of its location 4km from the small seaside resort town of Pyla-sur-Mer), 8km south of Arcachon, stretches from the mouth of the Bassin d’Arcachon southwards for 2.7km.

How tall is the Dune du Pilat in France?

Already Europe’s largest, the dune is growing eastwards 1.5m a year – it has swallowed trees, a road junction and even a hotel, so local lore claims. The view from the top – approximately 115m above sea level – is magnificent.

What kind of trees are on Dune du Pilat?

Dense dark-green forests of maritime pines, oaks, ferns and strawberry trees (whose wood is traditionally used to build oyster-farmer shacks) stretch from the base of the dune eastwards almost as far as the eye can see.

What was the purpose of the dune of Pilat?

History & etymology. The current location of Dune du Pilat housed temporary protohistoric camps for activities related to sea salt mining. The first archaeological discoveries began in 1922. On December 31, 2013, a tourist finds a funeral urn and an accessory vase from the Iron Age, 800 years BC in the sand at the foot of the dune.

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