How long does it take to become a massage therapist in Georgia?

How long does it take to become a massage therapist in Georgia?

500 hours
To receive a massage therapist licensed in Georgia, 500 hours of clinical massage training is required. Students must pass the National Certification Exam for Massage Therapy and Bodywork NCETMB/NCETM or the MBLEx to receive their license.

How long is massage therapy school in Atlanta?

750 classroom
The Atlanta School of Massage has a massage therapy program that includes 750 classroom hours. Students spend 6-12 weeks in clinical internship, depending on whether they are enrolled in the full- or part-time program.

How much does it cost to become a massage therapist in Georgia?

Massage Therapy License, Exam and Training Requirements for Georgia

Web Information
State Practical or Written Exam Written -MBLEx
National Exam Requirement MBLEx
CEU’s 24/ 2 years -CE Broker
Initial Cost of License $125

Is it illegal to give massages without a license in Georgia?

The practice of massage therapy is declared to be an activity that affects the public health, safety, and welfare of Georgians. Such practice by a person who is not licensed to practice massage therapy in this state is declared to be a public nuisance, harmful to the public health, safety, and welfare.

How many massage therapists are in Georgia?

6,000 massage therapists
The State of Georgia Massage Therapist Requirements Throughout the 59,425 square miles of The Peach State, approximately 6,000 massage therapists work to help the more than 10 million people in their state find relief from pain, rehabilitation from injuries, and comfort in the midst of stress and anxiety.

What colleges offer massage therapy programs?

Schools often provide clients for you to treat once you complete a certain amount of your education. Some schools that offer massage therapy programs include: New York College of Health Professions. Sheridan College. Colby Community College. Spartanburg Community College.

What are the best massage schools?

The National University of Health Sciences, Miami Dade College, New York College of Health Professions, and Arizona Western College are among the top schools offering programs in this field. These schools provide wide-ranging training that covers many topics related to massage therapy.

What are the requirements to become a massage therapist?

Massage Therapist Education Requirements. Being a massage therapist requires a postsecondary degree award, normally in the form of a certificate or associate’s degree. The amount of time required for educational programs are typical for the kind of degree; 1 year for a certificate and 2 years for an associate’s degree.

What is an accredited massage school?

Accreditation is a verification of quality. Becoming an accredited massage school is a voluntary process that involves periodic rigorous examination by a recognized, independent agency. Stringent procedures are used to scrutinize administration, course content, faculty, and teaching methods to ensure compliance with established standards.

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