How long is the loop at Victor Ashe Park?

How long is the loop at Victor Ashe Park?

For cross-country trail runners, the nature trail winds through the woods and over the fields making a 1.5-mile loop around Victor Ashe Park. Cross-country runners, hikers and dog-walkers enjoy the 1.5 miles of natural surface trails that circumvent Victor Ashe Park.

When was Victor Ashe Park built?

Victor Ashe Park was completed in 2003 in honor of Former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe. VAP has since become a popular park among locals and tourists. The Park has been host to many local, state, and national events for cross country, soccer, and disc golf.

How many acres is Victor Ashe Park?

120 acres
Knoxville, Tennessee The park is designed to activate all 120 acres with a paved fitness trail and multiple wooded walking paths, playground, sand volleyball courts, disc golf, dog park, and fishing with the redesign of an existing pond into a new lake.

Is Victor Ashe a Republican?

Republican Party
Victor Ashe/Parties

How big was Victor Ashe Park in Knoxville?

Ashe was an avid supporter or parkland in the city, and during his tenure, parkland increased from 700 acres to 1,700 acres and 30 miles of greenway was added. Ashe was awarded a Cornelius Amory Pugsley Medal by the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration in recognition of his work on greenways and public parks.

How did Victor Ashe Park get its name?

Victor Ashe Park’s 18-hole disc golf course has been declared one of the best disc golf courses in the South. Victor Ashe Park Adoptees are TN Izaak Walton League, Citizen, and A Spark of Kindness. The park is named in honor of Victor Henderson Ashe II who served as Mayor of Knoxville from 1987 to 2003.

Are there any off leash dog parks in Knoxville?

Dogwood Park in Victor Ashe Park is Knoxville’s first off-leash dog park. Dogwood Park is completely fenced, and features a puppy playground, which includes an inclined hill, a tunnel, a puppy jump, and even a water fountain made for dogs.

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