How long were sentences in Borstals?

How long were sentences in Borstals?

Borstal sentences were for between two and three years, with release on licence being possible for those considered to have made sufficient progress.

What was millisle Borstal called?

Lisnevin training school
It was a family summer home, turned young offenders’ home, and it is now the Lisnevin training school, a prison officers’ training centre. Lisnevin school was an industrial school and was sometimes called Millisle borstal after it moved to its location in 1931. It closed as a detention centre on 7 October 2003.

What age did boys go to Borstal?

Borstal system, English reformatory system designed for youths between 16 and 21, named after an old convict prison at Borstal, Kent. The system was introduced in 1902 but was given its basic form by Sir Alexander Paterson, who became a prison commissioner in 1922.

How many years of juvenile delinquents are kept in Borstal school?

In Borstal Institutions the offenders in the age group of 15 to 21 who commit the offenses punishable with imprisonment are kept for a maximum of 2 years although they can be released after 6 months.

Is ballyhalbert Catholic or Protestant?

The family is Catholic, but Pat, who works in an old people’s home, says they never had any sectarian trouble in unionist Bangor. Lisa was born in England but had lived in the North since she was four. She went to Catholic schools but always mixed with Protestants.

What is teenage delinquency?

Juvenile delinquency is the act of committing a crime at a very young age. A juvenile delinquent is a young person, particularly a teenager under the age of eighteen, who breaks a state or federal law by committing a crime.

Is there a borstal in Cork, Ireland?

The Dublin publication referred to the Borstal as being located in Cork Prison and described the inmates as ‘young boys’. (a) Corporal punishment has never been used in the Borstal.

What was the punishment at the Borstal in Northern Ireland?

…..The authorities at the Northern borstals have had available to them a variety of disciplinary punishments. In the early years, the governor at Malone had the power to order (i) close confinement in an ordinary cell, (ii) reduction in diet, and (iii) loss of stage or privilege.

How did the borstal system work for children?

The young inmates were kept apart from the adult prisoners and given a routine which included physical exercise, school lessons, work training, strict discipline and follow-up supervision after their discharge. The formal adoption of the borstal system came in the 1908 Prevention of Crime Act.

Where was the first open borstal in the UK?

In 1930, a party of forty boys from Feltham Borstal, marched 132 miles to Lowdham Grange, near Nottingham, to begin construction of what became the first ‘open’ borstal, which lacked the usual walls or barbed wire perimeter.

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