How much does iodine 131 cost?

How much does iodine 131 cost?

The I-131 scintigraphy strategy was more costly than FNAB, with an expected cost of $897 per patient, and more effective, classifying 86.1% of cases correctly. At $737 per patient, the US strategy was slightly more costly than FNAB, and it was the most effective strategy, correctly classifying 87.2% of patients.

How much is radioactive iodine therapy for cat?

The total fee for radioiodine therapy is generally $1520, but may be more if the hyperthyroidism is severe. This includes the radioiodine itself, the cost of hospitalization and monitoring, and for licensed technicians to care for the cat’s daily food, water, and litter needs.

How much does thyroid medication for cats cost?

Medications can cost $1 – $2 per day or approximately $350 to $700 per year. Monitoring side effects and dosage adjustments mandates that cats be re-examined and have blood tests repeated every 3-6 months.

How safe is radioactive iodine treatment for cats?

Radioiodine is safe and effective with cure rates approximately 95 – 98% with one treatment. Cats can receive a second treatment, if necessary. Radioiodine treatment avoids surgery, anesthesia, and anti-thyroid drugs.

How effective is iodine 131?

Results. The total effective rate of 131I therapy was 88.07% (including a cure rate of 20.64% and an improvement rate of 67.43%). The non-effective rate was 11.93%.

How quickly does thyroid medication work in cats?

In cats, oral methimazole is rapidly absorbed, with: An oral bioavailability of 93% Maximal serum concentrations seen within 1.5 hours. Mean half-life of 3.12 hours and serum concentrations at 24 hours—after a single oral 5-mg dose—of 21.7 ± 28.9 ng/mL.

Why do hyperthyroid cats meow so much?

One of the most common problems in an older cat is an overactive thyroid gland. This is called “hyperthyroidism”. When too much thyroid hormone (T4) is produced cats can become hyperactive and pace or meow. They often eat more and loose weight.

How much does it cost for feline I-131 therapy?

The estimated costs for complete I-131 work up and therapy range from $2,200 to $2,700 dollars. Recheck evaluations with the client’s referring DVM for evaluation of T4 levels at 1 and 3 months post-discharge are recommended.

When do I-131 treatments start for hyperthyroid cats?

Prior to I-131 treatment, our Internal Medicine specialist will meet with you and your cat. After the evaluation we will schedule the therapy. Typically, your hyperthyroid cat will be admitted on a Monday and the radioiodine treatment will be given that same day. Your pet will stay hospitalized until the end of the week.

Where do cats go for iodine 131 treatment?

Cats that are hospitalized for I-131 therapy are housed in a special ward. The ward has limited access by our staff to restrict radiation exposure. However, we understand that many cats are very social in nature.

How much does it cost to treat a cat with hyperthyroidism?

Is radioiodine therapy expensive? The cost of any treatment for feline hyperthyroidism is significant. The cost for radio iodine therapy is generally a total fee of $1500- $1550, depending on the I131 dosage required for your cat’s treatment. This includes the radio iodine itself, the cost of hospitalization, food, litter, and monitoring.

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