How old is the winner of the Voice Kids?

How old is the winner of the Voice Kids?

The Voice Kids is a German music talent show for younger singers, based on the concept of the show The Voice of Germany. The first broadcast took place on 5 April 2013 on Sat.1. The first season was won by twelve year-old Michèle from Lampenberg (Switzerland).

When is the next season of the Voice Kids Germany?

The Voice Kids Germany was renewed for a eighth season in April 2019, to air in 2020.

Who are the coaches for the Voice Kids in Germany?

The seventh season of The Voice Kids in Germany premiered on 17 February 2019 on Sat.1. For the first time in the show’s history, the coaching panel would consist of four coaches instead of three. Mark Forster was joined by Lena Meyer-Landrut who returned after two seasons of absence, with Stefanie Kloss and The BossHoss joining as new coaches.

Which is the most popular version of the voice?

The Voice Kids Germany is the most internationally popular version of The Voice concept with a large YouTube audience for its clips with strong audience interest that stretches far beyond fellow Europeans from Brazil to Vietnam, the Philippines and New Zealand.

Can you watch the Voice Kids on YouTube?

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When does The Voice Kids Season 5 start?

A fifth season premiered on 7 February 2020, but was put on temporary hiatus from 27 March 2020 to 4 September 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gala Aliaj won the fifth season.

Who are The Voice Kids from the Netherlands?

The first such variation was The Voice Kids from the Netherlands, which was followed by other international variants: Lietuvos balsas. Vaikai Голос. Дети Голос. Діти Some of the singers who have participated in The Voice Kids have also participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, a junior version of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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